I would like to put my phone in another room at night, but I am afraid my mom or daughter might have an emergency in the night and try to call me, and u wouldn’t be able to hear the phone. Is it OK to just turn off WiFi, and maybe plug my phone in on the other side of room by my bed, so I won’t have tibe tempted to turn WiFi back on and look at internet?

Ng L.
I don't turn my WiFi off, but I leave my phone on focus mode, which disables notifications for certain apps for a certain period of time you set. I set a schedule to turn on focus mode every night 10.30, so that I stop checking my phone, and to automatically turn back on at 8.30 in the morning after I'm done with all my morning routines. But phone calls can still come through no problem just in case there's an emergency.
Мария Костина N.
I think it is a good idea. I do the same, because I need to use my phone as an alarm clock right on my desk near my bed, so I just switch off the WiFi connection.