If you use your phone as an alarm, how do you not look at all the notifications while you’re still in bed before you get up?

Spots N.
Since most people turn their phone on do not disturb, on IOS (Apple products) it doesn’t show your notifications on your Lock Screen. You have to open your phone up or turn do not disturb off to see them. To avoid opening them when you shut your alarm off, I would suggest to turn the alarm off and immediately turn your phone off. Keep your attention away from your phone. Keep yourself occupied and avoid turning to your phone
Julien Y.
You see them you just choose to ingore them and look at them later in the day so your not getting at the negativity in social media.
S Nia P.
I am unable to do this which is why I bought an alarm clock. I know myself, and I don’t have great self control when it comes to my phone! Best to be forced to get out of bed to grab it
Stimmy F.
See if your phone has a setting to block notifications but not alarms. Or just buy an alarm clock. They can be really cheap at second hand shops or dollar stores etc.
Alexander Z.
Actually,the first thing i do in the morning,is checking my notifications and social media.I would like to get rid of this habit,and give myself a 30-45 minute start, taking breakfast, washing up,just thinking about future day,before going through social media
Ariela I.
Because it will hurt my eyes and ruin the day of being productive so im trying my best to use my phone less during the day
Karen U.
I turn my phone to mute, so I don’t have any pinging to catch my attention or wake me up. I also make sure I put it out of reach so I am not tempted to check it.
Thomas X.
I don't use my phone as an alarm, I'd recommend you buy a cheap alarm clock instead also I usually just turn my phone completely off the night before and only turn it on when I leave the house (by turning off I mean hold the power button and actually turn off the power)
Karen U.
Use an old phone as an alarm clock . Disengage the internet and make it only for the alarm clock function. Switch off your regular phone or leave it charging in another room.
Melia J.
Sometimes I do look at my notifications but I usually just swipe them away and turn my phone off it depends on how I wake up
Lucas B.
You can go for night mode setting on phone which provides dnd for the time you're asleep and it keeps your phone off from all the notification and world
Alexander G.
I put my telephone charger in the oposite side of the room. So, when I go to bed my telephone is far away from me and I can't look at the notifications. Additionaly, when I wake up I am forced to get up and go other side of the room.
Hannah P.
I don’t use my phone as my alarm for this exact reason. I bought a Loftie as a gentle alarm clock, after Fabulous recommended I reassess my sleep hygiene. I use it as a sound machine (per Fab’s suggestion) as well.
Rachel Q.
I just don't look because when I wake up I still can't open my eyes so I can't read or simply u can hide the notifications from the settings
Lunilum N.
I turn off my WiFi during night so when I wake up in the morning the only notifications that are already there are the ones from Fabulous. When I feel ready I turn the WiFi back on on the phone and then receive all the messages and notifications all at once. Plus I also use an alarm app that forces me out of bed to turn it off using barcodes and it works really well for me. 👍
Blu N.
I place my phone on the charger out of reach from me 1 hour before bed. In the morning, I shut off my first alarm on my phone which goes off 1 hour before my actual alarm to let me know I have 1 hr of deep sleep left. Then my actual alarm goes off on my iPad which is located down stairs, forcing me out of bed and to start waking up.
Ang Lica Z.
I really personally struggle with this, too. As a college student and a professional, it’s not uncommon that my peers, professors, family, friends, etc., who keep much different schedules than I do will try to get ahold of me during my nights/into my early mornings. One thing you can do is to establish a do not disturb for sleeping on your mobile device. This can be done from the pull down menu if you have an IPhone, and while I do not know personally for any other kind of mobile device, I’m sure some quick searches would wield great results! With that DND, you should be able to allow certain apps, contacts, messages, etc., to come through while blocking out all others! It’s a learning process and not always a straight line hill, but I wish you the best of luck!
Walter Q.
If you don't unlock your phone when you do that you can disable seeing notifications while its not unlocked, and if you do just try to turn the alarm off as quickly as you can and then turn off your phone so you don't look at them. I hope this helps 🙏
Zoran T.
What I would do is when the phone alarm goes off turn it off then leave my phone in my room till I'm done eating my breakfast and getting ready for school/work
Elias Z.
Clear your notifications before going to sleep and turn off your internet for the night. Go about your morning routine without picking up your phone, and only once you are finished you can turn the internet bavk on again and look at all the new notifications.
Rosa X.
I turn on 'do not disturb' option, so I don't see notifications. If you don't have it you can look for an app. Also you can change notification options, so they are not visible or visible without the message on the locked screen.
George A.
I just delete all of them or i just put my phone away so i cant reach my phone or i put my phone on nighttime and than i dont get notifications
Yara Z.
Actually I still deal with this but I had this advice that says befor doing something like that ask urself what ur higher version of u would do ? It would be hard but I had to disciplined myself for change but if it’s hard for u just as me u can stay for only 10-20 minutes and make it shorter over time so u won’t feel a big change
Emma Z.
My phone is usually on do not disturb, so I just turn off the alarm get up and drink some water and grab my phone as i’m going to the bathroom because i listen to music as apart of my morning routine
Cali X.
I have to admit-I do look at the notifications when I wake up, but I set a five minute timer so that I don’t get distracted with YouTube and other apps. This way, I answer potentially important texts and other things