What’s your favourite unwinding activity?

Karina F.
I really like to find a comfortable place either outside in my house our anywhere you like and jut pick up my favorite book and start reading. It can really help. And if you don’t like reading, you just haven’t found the right book yet:)
Lace O.
To unwind I like to plan for the next day or watch a 30 minute episode of one of my favorite shows. I choose 30 minutes so I won't start binging
Nikki Z.
Lying down and resting
Listening to audiobook
Playing with children
Talking to children about their day
Anastasiia F.
Listening to ambient music and playing something that doesn’t require thinking (like one of those merging game). Helps the brain to stop processing and having the need of more content.
Regine E.
I really enjoy a long bubble bath, or paint by numbers. Even watching a gripping series. Anything that helps me turn off the brain for a short while.
Natalie J.
Sitting in one spot and scrolling through my phone. However since this journey began, evening stretching and a meditation session have been a new go to