I have a bad of keeping videos running in background while I sleep , how to do I fix this ?

Marcus P.
play some calming music in the background instead! also do some inner work to figure out why you aren’t comfortable with silence lol.
Jonat N.
I would try turning a negative habit into a positive habit. For example, if you have a habit of leaving videos on in the background while you sleep, try making it a habit to immediately turn off the videos when you first feel yourself getting sleepy to start getting into a routine. If you have trouble sleeping without the videos, if silence makes it harder to fall asleep, I suggest playing some light music in the background such as acoustic piano or meditation music. I hope that helps! Good luck!!
Mila U.
If it is the sound that helps you sleep you could attempt to switch the sound of the videos to a more relaxing sound like birds chirping or even a guided meditation. Eventually you could even just move to a sound machine. These things are more relaxing and better for your sleep but still provide noise if that is needed for your sleep. If you are just trying to get rid of the videos maybe try putting your devices in a different room before you try to go to bed to get rid of the possible distraction.
Aiden Q.
I don’t think that having white noise to sleep is a bad thing. Instead replace with peaceful noises, I prefer rain for instance. I try to look for one with dark backgrounds to minimalise the light in my room
Lilou T.
I had the same habit. It's not that hard to stop playing the videos in background. Just choose yourself and your good night sleep…. Sweet dreams
Marie N.
I would suggest not taking any devices into your bed. Make a habit that you leave your phone on the other side of your room before you go to bed. And when you're watching videos during day, watch them on your computer while sitting at your desk.
Hannah N.
YOu could try to play shorter and shorter videos each night. Do it as gradually as you need so that it doesn’t not disrupt your sleep as much
El Onore C.
I really like background noise when I sleep so I feel your struggle! If compete silence doesn’t work for you, I’ve found that using ambient sounds can help. There are a lot of videos on YouTube (just keep your phone well away once it’s set up!) or apps through smart home devices to play things like rain sounds or city noises at low volume, but I would set a timer with whatever app you use so your sleep isn’t then interrupted through the night.
If you need the videos to drown out thoughts that come to the front of your mind when you try and sleep, maybe try some guided meditation just before bed. It can help to give your brain time to work through everything that’s going on so you can drift off easier.