How long did it take to disconnect from social media

Magdalena C.
Not much. I was trying to get away from a toxic boyfriend who just broke up with me and i deactivated every account i have.
Solene Z.
Long, and when I’m tired, there is no stopping from mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. But I get better at stopping the madness 😆
Theresa N.
When the last presidential election came around and I saw all the hate and stress in the rhetoric and posts, I disconnected. I still dabble, but for information; not for any regular activity.
Freia Q.
I’m still in progress but I’ll start easy at first just 10 minutes after a week 20 minutes after another week 30 minutes and I’ll keep doing that till I’ll achieve my goal what is 60 minutes
Majid Z.
Well, I never actually felt like being connected to other people through social media but still it took me quite a whole to disconnect though I still use WhatsApp on almost regular basis but the other forms of social media are completely disconnected. I always felt like I was getting all unnecessary information that will be of no use to me at all. It almost nearly been a month if I remember correctly.