Any tips for when your mind is racing with thoughts and you would rather do some chores than go to bed?

Reginald P.
Try to stay present. I will
Play with my dog or read something soothing for my brain. Also some stretching will help relax the body and mind. Chamomile, lavender and lemon balm teas will also recommend to drink before going to bed
1. I will stretch or play with my dog to keep me present and workout the body
2. I will make a tea
3. I will read something soothing while drinking the tea
4. Also could listen to music, YouTube music to sleep or frequencies to relax the mind
Enola Q.
If my mind is racing with thoughts, and I want to do some chores, I find that the simplicity of the chores help me to foremost get something off my list. I’m also distracted to not continuously think about the issue which gives me some rest and perspective into the issue. Also if after the chores, I’m too tired to think, then I like to sleep over it. It helps in the long run. Whenever my mind is racing, I prefer doing my daily tasks so that I don’t go off track. And I prefer meditating or praying about the issue. I come up with better solutions when my mind is calm and my surroundings are clutter free.
Clara Z.
I’ve honestly had this issue before, as well, many times! The best thing that I have learned to do (shoutout to my therapist for the advice!) is to change my environment. When my mind is racing and I’m overly agitated and anxious, I take a step outside for just a moment or two, maybe longer if it’s necessary and it’s not too cold outside. A change in environment causes your senses to adjust and it brings you back down to a relaxed state and helps you reset.
Timmothy X.
When your mind is racing with thoughts, take a few deep breaths and consider your options. If you want to do chores, do chores. Just don't make it too vigorous, as it will be harder to sleep because of that.
Hermann W.
Seems like there is something facing you in bed that you would rather not think about? Is it an welcoming spouse or the loneliness of silence? Or what those racing thoughts are or something underneath the racing thoughts? Or can you not sleep if something is left undone with regard to chores – like dirty dishes in the sink? The best way to get to sleep is answer these questions first. But if you answer them satisfactorily and you still can’t sleep you may need to do more exercise early in the day and do a “brain dump” as part of your evening ritual where you write down all your racing thoughts and then leave them until morning.
Loane O.
Set an alarm for bedtime. Engage in a bedtime routine to help slow you down. Play some soft music. Leave your phone charging in another room. Lie down and do some deep breathing.
Amalie W.
It’s always best to take a few deep breaths. Pause what you are doing and what’s running through your head and just force yourself to breathe. Deep inhale, hold it, slow exhale. Repeat that a few times. Then take a step back and think through what you need to do in this moment. If you can take care of a few things quickly, then do it. However, if you need to go to bed and worry about them in the morning then force yourself to do it! Write down what’s on your mind so you remember it for later, then search “deep sleep” on your music app and lay down and close your eyes. It’s ok to feel like things are chaotic and crazy, but separating things into segments of time or sections helps so much. Knowing that you can’t change the things you are worrying about right before bed is an amazing power. Claim that. Remind yourself that you are human and can only accomplish so much each day. Tomorrow will come and you can continue moving forward. But when it’s time to rest, allow yourself that freedom. You got this!!!
Gail F.
Put pillows and cushions on the floor. Lay on it, put headphones on with music and pop a sleeping mask on and just lay there. If you got a diffuser with a timer on, put that one on as well.
Caroline T.
Take time to turn everything off and turn on a guided meditation, having someone bring you into center rather then struggling externally
Eva Z.
It depends on if I am physically tired or not. If I’m not physically tired I may choose to do a couple of chores that are lower energy and more contemplative like washing the dishes or sweeping/vacuuming. If I am physically tired , I will go to bed and listen to a sleep meditation on an app I use for meditation.
Tilde Z.
I like to stretch and warm down from my day, then put some time aside to breathe deeply. If that doesn't work and your mind is still racing, you could actually do some chores, eg. Tidying etc, as it can help calm you down.
Isabella X.
Download headspace and meditate for 3 too 10 min depending on what you want, they will guide you through it! Love it or go for a quick walk and listen to a podcast, to take your mind of the racing matters. Relax tomorrow is a another day as time keeps ticking away:) xx
Bayram T.
Have a meditation moment stop download an app or even use this one just sit somewhere comfortable and let your mind drift away then you’ll feel sleepy