How do I disconnect?

Guido U.
You disconnect by examining the matters that ‘connect’ you. I write it with ‘’ cause i could also say ‘distract’ you. Focus and attention are linked to instinct, and deep down you always make the decision yourself.
That decision should be on the nothing when you disconnect, focussed on ease instead of excite.
It’s hard, but the only way i think:)

Richard X.
You can disconnect freezing your social network apps, or simply put your android phone in focus mode, focus mode allows to freeze some apps

Anna C.
Switch off all screens & devices, reading kindles excepted (don't use tablets, the Web will suck you in) or put them out of reach.
Lower the lights, use ambient or low energy music.
Spend time just sitting and noticing how you feel, journaling, reading etc.
The point is to ditch the world outside and return to yourself.

Veronica P.
You can set a reminder. A simple calendar reminder that pops up as a notification will do. That's what I do. That can remind you to stop with the blue light

Kika N.
Just feel relaxed, leave all lights switched off, feel the cold air .. know that you will have a good night sleep and wake up with so much energy and freshness. Feel your muscles relaxed wile you take a comfortable position, dont think dont use any devices just feel your breathing while your eyes are closed

Hazael E.
I disconnect in a multiple layered process I like to unwind mainly by smoking marijuana and then listening to good music whatever I'm in

Maria Z.
Try to focus on positive thoughts, avoid thinking about work, studies or problems.
Avoid distractions, put your phone away and close your laptop.
Try positive affirmations first (don’t use negative forms such as I will not be sad today, but flip it and think/say out loud “I will be happy today”) and then do something that inspires you and makes you feel good.
A few examples that work for me: reading a nice book, watching a mobe, baking, reconneting with nature with a power walk or simply walking to a nearby café and treating you with a sweet or a cappuccino. Focus on yourself

Camille O.
You need to start simple and take small steps. I think art is the best way to disconnect. Choose an art field you love and admire and start doing it for even 5 mins a day to disconnect. You can increase the amount of hobbies and the tine you spend doing it as time goes on.

Faith R.
Try to do sports or anything else that helps you ease your mind. Disconnect your phone half an hour before you sleep and disconnect for an hour on a daily notion while you do what calms you

Sylvia G.
there are many ways to disconnect, it all depends on what works for you. for example, i’m a passionate reader, so disconnecting (leaving my phone 30 minutes or more before bed) is when i read, being my habit of disconnection. disconnecting simply means separating yourself from technology/work and replacing that time with habits that relax/are enjoyed. use that disconnection to do something that YOU like (that doesn’t include blue light).

Mia N.
Turn of your eletric devices dont check your phone dont watch tv dont play games on your computer. Instead you could listen to relaxing music (like piano and rain), drink some tea, read a book, do some breathing exercises anything that makes you relaxed that isnt your phone 🙂

Giulia N.
it depend about what you want to disconnect to, if you’re talking about your Toughts I wish I knew that,I think you just should write your toughts out maybe draw them

Kaitlyn C.
Honestly we all know it is so hard but you just have to tell yourself it’s ok to not pick up the phone. I literally have to tell myself NO don’t touch it. And sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I put it on Do not disturb during my 2 hour workouts and I don’t scroll on any social platforms until about 9 or 10 am. After I’ve taken care of myself. My morning routine comes first. No I had to teach my self with repetition to not scroll in the morning time. It’s just a process and your probably telling yourself you can’t when in all reality you actually can you just have to believe in yourself.

Julie N.
I turn off tv, put my phone away and pick up a book. Try to read for 20-30 minutes before I turn off the light at night.

Casey C.
The problem with that question is if the process requires deeper work in areas I need my phone the real answer is I need a desk and a make up bench

Leslie N.
I find that the best way to disconnect is to completely put your phone and electronics out of site into a draw so you have no temptation to go on them. The reason why we should avoid going on our electronics before bed is because they can make you stay up late with distractions as well as the light reacting with your brain to keep you awake longer. It’s best to stay away for about an hour before bed so I recommend reading, writing about your day, listening to music or drawing, anything that helps you relax and get ready for bed

Ros Z.
disconnecting is winding down and giving yourself some time to reflect,project,and collect all of your clutter in your brain and throw it out the window ! to disconnect make sure your environment is quiet and calm so you can begin.
disconnect from all aspects of reality and give yourself some peace before starting your day, or ending it .

Ethar O.
I put my phone away from me when I go to sleep and that's when I lay on my bed i also turn off the notifications so it won't distracted me

Andrea Z.
Hi! Not long ago I tried a dopamine detox and I found it very useful to disconnect from using my phone all the time. The secret is making the things you want to avoid harder to do, for instance if you want to avoid using Instagram so much, you could put the app icon hidden so it is harder to enter, or straight up delete it for two weeks. Another thing that helped me is using a website blocker. I was watching way too many videos in YouTube so after avoiding it for two weeks (the time of the detox) I allowed myself only half an hour of YouTube a day. It forces me to be critical with what I am watching and to avoid falling down the rabbit hole again.
I hope this is helpful!

Isabella I.
I am plugged during the day and a half an hour before I have to go to bed I don’t play on my phone and it’s easy because I can watch a movie with my mom and play on the computer instead and I also don’t know I’m in here I can just watch a movie with my mom instead of going on electronics or I can read a book or play with my dog

Trisha N.
For me, disconnecting just means not using your phone. I either go to sleep, or do something creative for at least 30 minutes. I also use it as putting my phone down 30 minutes to an hour before my bedtime.

Klaus Ulrich X.
Get a book, use the time doing anything for yourself, go for a walk with your dog… Anything you like and conects with yourself

Caitlin X.
You need to think about tomorrow a good night routine can help if you have a great sleep you’ll be refreshed in the morning

Phillip Y.
I’m assuming you mean disconnect from the internet or in general. Try and take it little by little, lessening it day by day and finding other things to do and locking your phone or blocking that certain someone who’s making your life hard if there is one. Keep faith in yourself, you can do it!

Emeline C.
I disconnect by having my phone be set to turn on the blue light filtering to notify me it is time to get ready for bed. Then at 10:20 the screen goes from color to black and white and is in silent mode so I cango to bed with little distractions

J Lia Z.
Getting out of social media, and just getting away from your phone/computer/TV
You can still check something ou on it, but try to be quick

Claudia P.
Try hiding your phone from yourself after silencing it at night. Set app timers if you can and be honest about how much time you've spent on each app and how much time you should be spending on them. Uninstall useless apps that take up too much of your thoughts even though they're mind numbing. If you feel the need to get back on your phone and know that you can't resist it, just organize your pictures, go through your emails, try a brain training app, or do something that is boring and/or not addicting. Turn off unnecessary notifications from apps. These are just some ideas right off the top of my head, so I hope this is helpful! 🙂

Lorenz T.
this depends on what your looking to disconnect from, a person, job, media. Recently i’ve had to take sometime off social media, it’s not about forcing yourself to do nothing with your time it’s about filling in the time you would be on it with more productive things like reading, cooking, cleaning, exercise, planning or relaxing

Fern U.
For me?
I'm not sure… i like saying goodnight and good morning to my boyfriend every day but we're long distance and therefore can only communicate via phone….

But, this means disconnecting, (the usual answer is to put the phone in another room, but…. i use an alarm on weekdays to get up, and use my phone for my morning workout (to inform me of what i need to do)

This can be problematic, so, I set my phone (via settings and the "parental controls and digital wellness" sections) and set my phone to "me time" this allows me to choose apps that i can use (such as text or discord, as well as a notes app or just having the tab for the workout open) and preventing me from opening apps that i am not allowed to use (such as other social media and news apps, also youtube, since that also leads me down a rabbit hole)

I don't think you necessarily need to disconnect fully, but just, minimise the amount of "other people stuff" and blue light that you're able to access, for instance, if i find myself losing myself in instagram, ticktok or youtube then i will take a break from it (ideally by uninstalling).

This app gives me habits to complete, but to me it feels more like it's taking the pressure off of myself to actually make and follow my own plans to sort my life out… for me the nighttime routine step of disconnecting from the world and preparing for sleep begins with brushing my teeth.

I use a herbal toothpaste at night as mint seems to wake me up and if i make sure to move the brush slowly but firmly across my teeth it helps me to focus on the feelings (something which i did as a kid, but forgot as i got older, when i'd brush my teeth too fast and too hard and get gums that'd always bleed even though they are healthy)

Brian S.
All you need to do is shut down all your devices ,sit down and just be YOU. Think about some of your favourite things but most importantly ..RELAX.