How do I disconnect if I need my device to tell Fabulous that I did it?

Elisha J.
Maybe you could set your Fabulous bedtime timer for earlier in the night, and you could go ahead and check it off before you've actually wound down for bed. Or if you like having the reminder at the time you actually go to bed, you could say that you're allowed to use your phone before bed but only to check off your bedtime routine on Fabulous.
Jennifer X.
I was just thinking the same thing! I guess the best way to do it is to think of it as a reminder to begin disconnecting. Maybe set the alarm for a little bit earlier than you want to start, and then begin disconnecting from there.
Laura Q.
Ik maak het vertellenaan Fabulous een onderdeel van mijn routine om “uit” te gaan. Het is lekker om te vertellen aan “iets” wat er vast zit in mijn hoofd. Het biedt okk een houvast. Ooit hoop ik zo gestructureerd te worden dat ik het zonder de app kan
Eva T.
Lol. Just let your devide near, but not in your bed, turn off all notifications except Fabulous, choose the full screen alarm so you can hear even if you are far and set the alarms at least one hour before, specially at night, so you'll get your habits done and won't be disturbed anymore.
Nadya Z.
I'm struggling with that one, too!! I sometimes tick it and also my reading task, so I know I won't be on my phone for the next 30 mins or so.
Vivaldo N.
Use it as a cue, make it the last item on your routine. This isn't an absolute, but rather an initiation of the screen off time
Clarisse O.
As soon as you log any habits in your night routine, disconnect everything. It's fine to wait until after you've logged everything. Just make sure you close out of everything and disconnect immediately to ensure you don't get onto anything on your devices.
Meriden U.
Great question! I was just wondering that 2 seconds ago! The best way I came up with is todo everything else and then disconnect!
Ma Lia C.
Prepare your evening routine, making sure you have nothing else to do. Then tick the routine off before completing it so you do not need to look at your device. The danger here is not following through, you must follow through.
Nicholas Q.
Set the disconnect & unplug habit as the final one for the day. Mark it as done and then put your phone down for the rest of the night.
Heather Z.
I know it’s cheating a little bit but if I know what’s on my routine I’ll tick them all and then do it. Or you could tick them off the next morning if that works better. It’s completely up to you how to do it, but once you find something that works it’ll really help with getting in your routine.
Tasfia V.
Your device can't tell for you, can it?
Be honest and check the √ mark and disconnect yourself from your device.
Be truthful to yourself and to others..
Honesty is the best policy.
Cass P.
I like to think in this case that to disconnect is to be more aware of what I connect to. What I mean is, I get off social media, I stop watching Netflix or Youtube, and I make sure that when I check off "disconnect", I don't use that as an excuse to hop back onto Twitter or check the news. Hope this answer helps!
Frida C.
I have found myself wondering the same thing … personally I tick it off before hand but it doesn’t really give me the satisfaction … if your impatient tick it of the morning after . I can’ completely disconnect anyways as I wouldn’t be able to wake up without my phone ..
Kristen S.
That, my friend, is an excellent question. Set your timer for that routine and all routines leading up to it for an earlier time to be finished. That way, when you have all your routines done for the day/evening, the last one you check off is "disconnect/unplug" and you do that just as soon as you check it off ?
Karolina N.
When you disconnect and have to tell fabulous I leave it till the end when you know your going to sleep or going out to eat dinner then I disconnect and leave my phone at home if I want pictures I'll tell other to send them to me but if you go on ur phone after u disconnect that is a bad habit most of you will do it like me but I got into the routine to putting my phone down or to charge that way I tell my self if u leave it I'm going to have more time for it tomorrow.
Holly U.
Just use this app to check off your list, use features in your phone to block distracting apps and set a few hours aside everyday where you don't go on your phone
Chelsea T.
What works for me is placing my phone in "jail" for the night to make it easier to disconnect. I set a bedtime and tell myself "at 8:30 p.m. I will stop what I'm doing to disconnect". When I place my phone in jail (a charging station outside of my bedroom), I check off "disconnect" in the Fabulous app and go to bed. This helps me wind down for bed much faster than having my phone on my bedside table.
Isabelle P.
I guess the main thing is to be able to disconnect from the device as a whole. I often tick the disconnect button right before I put my phone away for the evening.
Miriam O.
Do it or before you disconnect or after, when you're reconnecting again with the digital world. I'm disconneting quite often lately, even when I'm out with my friends I just put my phone on plane mode.
When you have to unplug, simply unplug everything is "charging": leaving plugs on make sure that your next bill will be very expensive! Did you know that if you leave on charge your phone all night long, the battery last shorter? Because yes, the phone is on 100%, but when it goes down at simply 99%, it will charge again and again and again, consuming your battery.
So, put your phone on charge while .. IDK, while you're discottected! During the day, if you don't use your phone for a while, put it in charge, but not while you're sleeping!
Ashley C.
I would say to check the box just before you are about to disconnect, maybe a half hour or hour before bed. Make it the last thing you check on your list, then put the phone in a room other than the bedroom. Problem solved. 😊
Alessio E.
For me, it's actually part of my morning routine after breakfast to go through the Fabulous app and tick the habits I missed from the night before. In this way, I'm able to put my phone in Airplane Mode at night when I start winding down.
Anton P.
I was thinking about this this morning & I came up with this solution: As the app doesn’t put pressure on us to tick the items off as we’ve done them why not just decide that you’ll go on the app at a certain time during the day or week. Also, if you feel you want to record your achievements somehow write them on paper instead. That way if you feel you still want to record as you go but don’t want to be distracted on your device you’ve got it that way.
Teod Sio N.
Lol I had the same sentiment but basically I either check it off the next morning or check it off right before I'm about to put my phone away- as long as you do the activity I think it's still okay
Emily N.
That's a interesting question I'm not actually sure but I think if you disconnect and then connect you should have the information there somewhere but I have not actually ran into this problem yet so I really don't know im sorry I wish I could have helped!
Oscar Y.
Hi there. I think disconnect refers to getting off the internet, social media, tv, and other activities that may keep our minds highly engaged. It’s ok to use Fabulous to mark the disconnect habit as complete. I personally like to listen to a relaxing playlist on my phone while drinking tea about 30 minutes before bed, but you do what works for you. Hope that helps. 🙂
Ivo P.
I struggled with the ssme question. I have a relatively small evening routine. Brush my teeth, have tea, read and journal. So what I do is, after I brush my teeth and I've made my tea, to tick off all the items on my evening routine. I know that I will still do them, but by doing it this way I don,'t have to be on my mobile anymore.
Namaste! 😉
Terri O.
Write it down also as a back up.Get a diary put each thing you did in it and then keep a record, that way dont need the app to prove youv done it just use the app until your in a routine then when you are, focus more on unplugging completely.
No Lie Z.
Before you fully disconnect, be honest with your self and promise yourself you will disconnect once you’ve checked with Fabulous that you’ve done it. Immediately after checking off that from your list proceed to disconnecting and fulfilling your healthy habit
Andrew Y.
You can always go back the next morning and mark it as done for the previous day (there is an arrow at the top left). Or you can make it the last thing you do when plugging in your phone next to the couch.