If I am disconnecting how am I supposed to do meditation

Mia Y.
Meditation is about disconnecting in the form of not thinking about your normal day to day stresses and distractions such as plans or social media. Instead you should try to connect to your body and soul.

Thea P.
If you are disconnecting I recommend either you turn your wifi off so no messages are coming through to disturb you and listen to some music that way or even better if you have a CD player put your music on that and meditate that way. Either way your doing yourself a huge favour and reflecting on yourself and looking after yourself.

Prieschila P.
Learn to be aware of your breath, and aware of your body, the feelings, when you take a deep breath and let go of your problems everytime you blow the air out.

Jessa Z.
It is actually good to meditate when you're disconnected, there are plenty of ways like reading books, writing down your thoughts and emotions in your notebook and even studying. I think it all depends on what you feel at peace and comfortable to. For me, I meditate through writing and reading- it would help me reflect on things that I didn't know and help me grow as a person that I wanted to be and hoped that tomorrow I can learn things more.