How do you disconnect and unplug when you have a sleep app, a fitness watch, and people who are slaves to their phones get miffed if you don’t answer texts and emails within moments of receipt?

Lauren V.
Haha 😂 I also have that problem.What I do is just I would tell them that I need to sleep now and for those sleep apps, you could fix that and turn it on one hour before maybe. Hope that helps! 😊
Shruthi A.
Think about why you are disconnecting. You are achieving a good night's sleep by 'consciously' acting and disconnecting, while the unconscious act of having a sleep tracker does nothing to help you 'improve the quality of your sleep' in itself.
Secondly, think of quality, not quantity of conversation. When you have a good night's sleep you are refreshed, calm and can carry on meaningful conversations. Also, setting healthy boundaries is good for all relationships. It keeps you sane and helps you to understand your own emotional needs. You can politely tell your friends and acquaintances that you won't be available after a certain time. They will understand.
Julia F.
I started using do not disturb function so those type of people would see I haven’t read the message. There have been times I’ve been firm and said “it was 2am, I was asleep” and it’s worked out over the long run. Pretty much all my friends who are slaves to phone learnt over time not to expect answers at the early hours in the morning. It is hard the first few times but it feels empowering