How do I reach for my phone less? I am constantly on it, checking Facebook, the news, emails, work.

Colin F.
You can try by switching off your Wi-Fi 1 hour before going to bed or when you are trying to concentrate. I also keep my phone on silent during those periods and I have found it much less distracting. This way you will not hear the notifications and you will be less tempted to check out who has texted you. Good luck! You can do it 😊
Gabby W.
If I were you I would power it off until you are done with work. So maybe like a couple of hours or you could put your phone in another room so you don’t distract yourself! Hopefully that helps. 🙂
Alma G.
You’re basically in great need for distractions. That means some things in your life bother you a lot but you don’t want to face them. Don’t keep running away from your life. Decide that you will face them a little every day and accept what you can’t change and focus on the positive. Definitely try meditation and talk to a trusted friend about what’s bothering you. And it’s important to tell the truth to yourself and others.
Alicia Z.
I recommend you to focus on different things, try to use your phone just for the necessary things like work, homework if you’re studying or to read and if you want to check social media try to do it just 2 hours daily, that’s gonna give you more time to do other important things like talk to real people or read a book

Also try to use your phone for educate yourself not for know what’s happen in others life because at the end of the day their success is just them