Isn’t it contradictory that one should try to disconnect while using the phone and fabulous app at the same time?

Illu N.
Yes, it is contradictory, I agree. But yesterday evening, instead of using my phone to look up corona figures and do stupid surfing, I used it to do fabulous mediation. So somehow it works. And for you ? Stay healthy ! Best regards, Ilona
Gabriel E.
Hi friend! I was actually thinking about this sooner today. It seems contradictory, but it’s not only “disconnecting”. I think we need to do whatever we should do, then open the app only to check things. It’s a different aproach when you’re only using the phone for that. I think that’s how we should see this task
Shelly E.
I feel if you check off the unwind box then unplug you aren’t contradicting yourself. I unwind by reading on my phone but shut off notifications so I’m not disturbed 🙂
Jesse S.
I have it as the last thing on my evening routine. I use it as a reminder for an upcoming action- once I check the box, my phone goes on charge at the other end of the room and I won't look at it again until my alarm goes off on the morning.
Donna N.
Yes it is. I use it as a reminder to put my phone away. I do the fabulous routine and then I put my phone on the charger in the other room and say that I have completed the task. Then I don’t touch my phone anymore until next morning!
Axel Q.
Yes! Very annoying that they give you motivation tips etc straight after telling you to disconnect.

That wasn’t exactly advice, but I feel your pain!

Rh P.
Yes I found that contradictory too. So what I do is, I put the unplug habit the last one in my day. After I check the unplug button I turned the cell phone off and go to bed.
Kate N.
I think that they mean to disconnect and then come back to click the check mark. But yeah it is kinda confusing. Have a great day! 💕
Katie J.
Haha, I had the same thought!

Once the reminder for my evening routine goes off, I now put my phone away when I get to the "disconnect" habit. When I'm back on my phone the next morning, that's when I check the habits off from the evening before.

Natalie N.
Yes, I find that contradictory too, especially if I’m trying to meditate during my plug off following Fabulous guides, but after I meditate I need to go on the app just to quit it again. Maybe fabulous could make a meditate/breathing exercise before bed that automatically shuts down the app after it ends as well? Might be a great habit to have before bed as well’
Gilberto F.
Yes! I thought the same! And then I realized if I change my routine around, then disconnecting can be the last thing I do before reading and going to bed. I also know I can go back the next day to check something off if I want to. But really rearranging the order of my routine has helped with this A LOT!!
Yara E.
Wow ok, maybe isn’t it contradictory that you’r asking this complicated deep question when really it’s a yes or a no question? Yes it’s contradictory.