How can I stop browsing too much on social media?

Alexander T.
I did the same, now not anymore, because I realized that it is a bit toxic for me, in fact it leads me to have anxiety and you have to understand it before stopping to brows
Igor T.
Setting app timers, or just outright deleting the apps is very beneficial. Leaving it to pure willpower leaves room for human error, so take that out of the equation initially.
Anastasiia X.
At first, you must rely on your feelings. Is it really good for you to spend the time by browsing? Try to catch deep emotions. It can be worrying and fears hiding behind interest. This technique helped me to avoid social media more often. I always felt that something is wrong with me after seeing other happy people doing their work. So, it affects me to be frustrated and I try to choose other options which could satisfy my interests or the need of rest.