How do you maintain this new habit every night?

Michelle N.
Start small with one, and know that each step is a commitment to yourself. I am worthy of great things, of peace. Not everything has to be a hard earned battle or a fight. Each moment can be the answer in itself, that you deserve to put down the sword and stop fighting. Each moment of rest and reflection will allow the moments when you do need to fight to be that much greater. You deserve peace and you deserve the space to create what that looks like for yourself, to carve out that growth within yourself.

Erdonis S.
8-9 hour i think is okay for me to refill my batteries,but also i sleep much better if i unplug from phone at least 30min before i sleep and having some time with myself.

Kelly O.
Have a set bedtime and be ready for it when it comes. Have everything you need to get done finished or moved to tomorrow’s to-do list. Don’t start a show you can’t finish before it’s bedtime. Then, go through your bedtime habits so your body and mind know it’s time for sleep.

Mathias B.
Honestly it hasn’t been easy, I’ve been going through a lot of mixed emotions anxiety depression. I try not to let these things get to me but in order for me to actually control myself I rather put an effort to maintain this a routine at the end of the day it’s for my own good.

Mirco U.
I set timers and just try and read before i go to sleep everynight from the nights where i got to bed at 10 to the nights where i go to bed at 4