I don’t like to leave my phone an hour before sleep.. is it a necessity if i already can sleep well ?

Zilda S.
It will also allow you to reconnect with yourself and what/who surrounds you. Read, do yoga, chat with someone in your house etc.
Bianca U.
It’s important because if I don’t have my phone then I talk to myself and that means I connect with myself, think probably about my thoughts for that day and the next, and understand what I want more and what I want less. What’s important vs. What is not.
Nathaniel T.
I'd try it out and see if you notice anything. I've found it to be very hard for me to tell if I'm sleeping well or sleeping poorly, but much easier to tell if I'm sleeping better or sleeping worse.
Judy Q.
I thought that I can sleep well and I don't have to do what they said but I tried and I realised that there is another level of sleeping