Is it the first thing in your evening routine? If so do you just end up breaking it later in the evening?

Sonia U.
Yes, it is. When I leave my work, I'm already willing to arrive home and disconnect. I just check if there is any important issue to solve, otherwise I'll just leave the phone far from me and reconnect again with myself, my husband and my spirituality. Before going to sleep, I just check if the alarms are all set.
Niomie G.
My evening routine happens after I finish work, so it is easy to shower first. This enables me to relax when I am carrying out my other habits, like filling in my gratitude journal and reading.
Borut N.
Meditation? No it is the last, just before I go to bed. But sometimes I don’t want to use my phone before bed (unplug and disconnect habbit), so I check the evening routine as done the next day.
Cate N.
Yes! At first it was difficult, especially if i couldn’t fall asleep. The more I kept disconnecting I realized how naturally tired I was and that my phone/tv was holding me back from a good nights sleep
Mo Z.
I plan to be in bed by 23/24. I come home late so the evenings are when I need to do things like homework and administration. Seeing that my evening routine only takes 40 minutes, I do it right before bed.
Libby G.
I switch my phone off after putting my kids to bed. Then I zip it into my handbag and put it by my bed. It takes a lot of Will power to do this. Then I get ready for bed and do any chores that can’t be left. I do a little yoga and am then ready for bed. Yes. I then break it and turn on my phone and check it. I’m not happy about this. But it means I use it for about 15 minutes. If I don’t switch off I end up using it for about 45 minutes and then panicking about not being ready for bed. Next step is to sort out my iPod so I don’t need to turn on my phone before bed. ( I currently listen to audiobooks in bed on my phone.)
Frederikke X.
I don't think so. It is not the first thing in my evening routine, but I want to make it be. However , If I do It, I don't break it later. It help me tot be more responsable.
Brooklynn T.
I have struggled unplugging the last couple days because it’s a weekend. I feel that I do better with sticking to my routines during the week and when I have class. This isn’t bad, but it’s good to be aware of. I just have to work extra hard to make it happen on weekends. Especially when weekend days are the days I want to have the most energy and quality sleep so I can enjoy them!! Tonight I am making sure my room is dark, AND unplugging for the first time
Melissa F.
I set my goal close to when I expect to go to bed like make decaf tea. It takes me 30min to make and drink it. Therefore I do it 30min before I am in the bed to help set up myself for success