So I don’t do this every night, but sometimes I get back on my phone if I not able to sleep. How can I keep off my phone when I’m having trouble sleeping?

Celina Q.
I put my phone in another room. In order to create habits you need to have close to you items you want to you like dental floss in the bathroom counter if you want to floss often. So in order to not use your phone, set an schedule and leave the phone in another room. Try and let me know.
Maria C.
Sometimes you need to ask yourself why you truly want to do something. Write it down as a commitment and strive to achieve it. But also humbly accept when you fail to act perfectly, the reality is no one does. If you really feel a type of boredom set in, then maybe orchestrate your sleeping area to be compatible with that. I keep two books, a connect the dot work book, and my journal on my side table shelf. I recently put a lamp there so I wouldn’t have to get up to turn off the lights. I try and take my energy and put it into one of those things near my hand. But if I feel too tired to even do that. Sometimes I’ll turn on a guided sleep mediation or bilateral beats and allow some sensory stimulation in other capacities. If you really are reaching for your phone every night. Start plugging it in on a different outlet, or at the very least, set it well out of arms reach, when that urge comes, you’ll have different options and time to consider what you want.
Astrid W.
I know it’s hard, but you have to keep your phone out of your room NO MATTER WHAT. Your phone has a bedtime too, which ideally would be an hour before you go to sleep, but do whatever works for you.
Elizabeth O.
Hi, (1) decide this is non-negotiable rule (you could even fine yourself, or use some sort of other incentive), (2) put the phone outside your bedroom, (3) prepare a book and put it right where you go when you can’t sleep (think about lighting too). Picture this: as you can’t sleep, reach for your phone and find a book in its place, with a small led-light. You start reading, and two pages on you are sno-ring 🙂. HTH.
Louise B.
Instead of leaving your phone in your room before you go to sleep, put the charger and the phone all the way across your house/apartment before deciding to sleep.

If that’s not practical, on iPhone set up screen time and have your phone block out the apps that are keeping you awake once it reaches a certain time of the night and have it scheduled for every night when you go to bed 🙂

Marc O.
Leave it on the other side of the room from the bed and have reading books and journals next to the bed in case you can’t sleep
Julian U.
When you have trouble sleeping, try to read a book instead of the phone. It helps me to sleep after 30 minutes reading. And don’t put the phone near the bed, you have to buy alarm clock.
Rose Q.
I struggle with this too! I found that keeping my phone across the room helps. If i want to stay on it i can as late as i want but if i feel like i need to lay down and use it then i check off my unplug ritual and set my alarm for the next morning then put it on the charger across my room. This helps keep you from your phone at night and also helps you wake up on time since you will have to get up to turn it off. This way you get (hopefully) earlier sleep time and wake up on time!
Tara Y.
I find myself unable to fall asleep at times. The last part of my evening routine consist of reading a self help book. Something motivational or work related, although very helpful it doubles as a sleep aid. If I wake up, instead of scrolling through the internet, I’ll read a few more pages to put me back to sleep. Hope that helps! Good Night.
Emily N.
I use essential oil (like lavender) roll-ons to help me stay relaxed at night. Also, I limit any nighttime devices to my kindle, which is not supposed to disrupt sleep. I also have a cup of sleepy time tea most nights before turning in.
Victoria Y.
Maybe try purchasing a small clip-on book light and keeping some reading material near you. Setting screen limits on your phone can be a helpful reminder to stay off of it when it’s not within the time limits you set.
Kayla J.
Thanks for asking this, that’s a tough one for me cause I find myself reaching for my phone to play a game, but I’ve learned that ways to help you fall asleep, find a good book to read, or do some meditation or what helps me is sleep sounds
Daria E.
Keep your phone somewhere you can’t see it and out of your reach. If you feel like you need to do something on your phone then write it down on a piece of paper and deal with it the next day. If you just want to scroll around then keep a book in the reach of your hand so you can read it until you’re sleepy enough to fall asleep. You can also journal. Wish you all the best! You can do it! 🙂
Joel J.
Just resist it!! I think phone light can make your mind think it's day or something (don't trust me on that) which will make you unable to sleep even more. Do whatever you can to not be distracted by your phone. Put it in another room. Give it to someone else to keep it for you. Throw it in a river. (Just kidding don't do that) if it's a problem on wanting to do something other than stare wide awake at the ceiling, read a book, take a walk, drink a cup of warm milk/ hot tea, or just something that will tire you out for sleep. I know there are a lot of free meditation apps out there that have sleep meditations to help you get a good night's sleep. I used them before and they worked pretty well for me!! But now I just put on some music and set a timer to stop playing after a certain amount of time. I hope this helps you in one way or another!
Sonia Z.
How about keep your phone out of bed room? Or start reading books instead of phone? Start exercise then you can sleep easily?