How do you manage to sleep on time every day? I slip out of my normal time very easily.

Jacque F.
I have to make myself unwind. The unplug and disconnect feature on Fabulous helps! As a teacher in an elementary school, getting to sleep is not a problem for me.

Start a ritual and try to get into a routine. You will feel better!

You’ve got this! ❤️

Diego E.
you can set a timer. you can have a cut off and unplug curfew. you can wind down much earlier. self care is putting down productivity and turn in on yourself to rest. rest so you can feel your best tomorrow!
B J.
Honestly I haven’t been the best at keeping a schedule going. I’m hoping this Monday will kickstart my schedule even more, this will by far be the hardest habit for me to create. Going on a run always makes me sleepy!
Emily R.
Make sure you have a routine and set a timer for when it's time to start the routine. I know, after i put my son to bed, i start my routine: brush my teeth, meditate, read a book and then turn off the lights and listen to the evening inspiration from the app