What time is a good time to disconnect?

B R Nice Z.
It's different for everyone. I like to disconnect about an hour before bed/9hrs before I have to wake up in the morning.
Malou Z.
I like to disconnect about an hour before bedtime. I prefer a full hour before I start my bedtime routine, but at least one hour before I get into bed is usually enough.
Paul J.
i think that, at least at 11:00pm, we should all disconnect… out brain has to relax and maybe reading something could help. i don’t always do that but when i do, i always sleep wonderfully.
sometimes i know it’s hard because maybe we want to talk with our friends on the phone or maybe we just want to scroll some tiktoks, or even we still have some work to do for tomorrow, but sleeping remains the most important thing of all and the next morning we still can finish what we left the night before.
Saska F.
I usually disconnect after I tell goodnightnto my girlfriend or the other way around. In general the earlier the better, around 21 has been good for me, though I'd like to make that time earlier.
Sylwia C.
I’d love to give myself time to contemplate meditate and read thus for me it’s at least 2 hours before going to bed. Just to calm myself down.
Poppy O.
I would say any time after 7pm – it’s a good time to wind down, reading or sewing for me 🙂 as long as you have got your main things for the day done then relax as soon as you’ve done them