Does being disconnected from your phone makes you feel scared?

Nicole J.
Not in the slightest! If it’s important they’ll phone back & then you’ll know it really is important. However if you’ve let people know that you’re having time out they’ll adhere to your wishes.
Konstantin E.
If by being separated from my phone you mean not playing with it all the time, yet still having it available for emergencies (calling 911), not for me.

I recently turned off all the notifications and badges for all but a few people/ applications. I have found it very freeing and peaceful. I only look when I have time and want to.

If you mean leaving my phone elsewhere so that I physically do not have access to it… I don’t feel scared, just cut off from important information (addresses, the calculator, etc.) but that is more due to always having it with me. It’s more bother than scared.

Silas F.
I get uncomfortable, but maybe not in the same way others might.

The phone is an essential part of my job. I manage an online program and I often need to be available to students and applicants. Often when there are deadlines and the students are from all over the world and need help after hours.

Additionally, I want to be available to my daughter to help her with her son who has asthma.

I don’t do a lot with social media, so I don’t keep checking for messages.

Miguel C.
It did at first, I always wondered what’s going on ? What are my friends doing? What am I missing out on?
But then I realised that I was missing out on the present, a movie or book or a good conversation opportunity.
My phone is always going off during the day for work – people always wanting things from me, to leave it in another room and do something that makes me feel good is invigorating.
Anthony F.
Not at all, I just hate coming back to find lots of different notifications and having to spend a lot of time going through these and loosing time