How early should I disconnect? I brush and shut everything down just before bed and then read for a bit. Should I do it earlier?

Sara Z.
Your routine sounds just fine to me. I’ve got two routines.., 1 for when I know I’m tired and the other for when I know I’m going to sleep and I need some time before the closedown moment. I’ve been doing this for 5 months now and ……Lo and behold I’ve been getting my rest and also have found success in fulfilling this Big Goal!!! Good luck!!!

Alfred U.
It’s all personal preference. You need an amount of time to wind down from your day to help getting to sleep without your mind racing. For me I start to disconnect an hour before bed. It sounds like you are doing all the right steps but only you know if you have allotted enough time to calm your mind. I would add a sleeping meditation to the mix you mentioned but that is my personal preference. Hope that answers your question.

Josefine Z.
Best practice? Two hours before bed. Reality, depending on your stage of life – 1 hour. No reason to check email past 9pm unless you are in international business. Even then, you can set a schedule. Schedule your disconnect time. Make sure you’re all brushed and settled then read 30 minutes before lights out – no YouTube, social media, don’t answer phone or texts. You can teach people in your life when you are available and when you’re not. They will respect that.