If I don’t have my phone I feel calmer and happier but I feel like I need my phone for emergencies. Family get frustrated and annoyed if I don’t answer them quickly. They say what if it’s an emergency?! It isn’t relaxing to be in a state of ‘what if there is an emergency’ all the time. But how to get the disconnect balance right?

Manuel Z.
Use “screen time” on iPhones to restrict your usage of apps that distract you & look on Youtube for the Android alternative (: some type of parental controls to restrict your usage of the apps that pull you into our distracted world

Telmo E.
I struggle a lot with this exact same thing too. For me, it’s been super important to talk with family and friends and let them know exactly why I often take a step back from my phone. Generally, ill check my phone 3 times a day: in the morning, afternoon, and at night. This way, if there is anything important, it won’t be too long before I see it. But when you have a schedule to check your phone like that, I find it’s easier for it not to stress me out because I don’t have to worry about it until then. However, this is just what I do and it might not work for you. Hope you can find your balance! Good luck!