What activities can I do that are as stimulating as using technology, i.e. what should I do in the time between I disconnect and the time I go to sleep?

Tag G.
Do 10 pushups. Then 10 situps. Then sit absolutely still and listen to your breathing for exactly one minute. Then read one thing non digital – book or magazine. You need to turn your mind down rather than stimulate it.
Amanda A.
Read a book, exercise, do some yoga / meditate, spend time with your family, take a warm bath or shower, or declutter while listening to your favorite music. They may not be as “stimulating” as using technology per say, but they are guaranteed to be much healthier and good for your body as well as your mind. 🙂 Hope this helped!
Gabriella B.
I like to take a shower at the beginning of my “bedtime routine” and mark that as went I turn off technology. I will get out of the shower do a few things to get ready for bed (ie fill up my water bottle and put it next to my bed, apply some skin care night time products, etc) and then when I crawl into bed I will read a book for a bit til I’m ready to sleep! I’m not a big reader normally so I understand maybe having the feeling like that doesn’t “fix” with who you are BUT when you’re just reading for 10-20 minutes a night it’s actually really relaxing and you stay engaged in to book because your reading it every night and don’t antsy or anything about doing other thing instead! Just find a good book in a genre you like!!!
Imogen B.
An offline but still technological answer would be a podcast, audiobook or music. Otherwise you could develop a relaxing skincare/bodycare routine, read a book, meditate, do a relaxing yoga practice, journal or plan your day tomorrow.