How do you break the habit of automatically opening distracting apps? I am dopamine deffecient so social media really perks me up, is there a good habit that replaces it for you?

Florian Y.
Honestly we all are dopamines and distracting apps are all over the place. Look at me for instance I love me some poker and at one time as my eyes blink and I looked at that phone it was straight to the tables. So instead what I did was made my Gmail account a priority so I subscribed to a bunch of sites or newsletters that I was interested in and set my notifications for my Gmail as a pop up and let me tell you the mail just kept pooring in…So when I took up my phone the first thing I will do is check my mail and do some light reading,now I'm in my mail at least 2hrs just reading up or clicking on promotions by the time I'm done I'm either researching something that spark my curiosity or might even put down the phone and go do something else…And now I've added fabulous to the to do list.. So before I hit the tables or IG and FB or any other app that boost my dopamine I do my mail…Hope that helps