How do you not worry about missing out on a snap/message from a friend?

Vivian G.
What i am doing at the moment is the most important thing to me. Constantly checking for notifications is counterproductive as it takes time to refocus back to the task at hand. Turning off notifications and setting aside time to answer will take away worry about missing one. If it is an emergency, they will call.
Victor C.
Hi! Everyone loves quick responses, but sometimes we are busy or just dont have the motivation we need, and that s okay! If you have true friends i m sure they will understand why you are not responding immediatley. They shouldnt be mad tho, and if they are try to talk to them and explain why. But you should never feel bad that you are taking some time for yourself! Trust me, there is nothing to worry about, and if it s something that urgent you re friends will probably give you a call to notice. Have no worries and do something that relaxes you instead of being on your phone all the time so you dont miss a message! I trust you and you are doing great so far!!( sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes). No more worries from now on! Keep going!
Jessica Z.
I used to worry a lot about that, I would be on my phone all the time just waiting a text for someone, when the text came I had to reply immediately or else I'd feel terrible, when I started taking my time to reply, I realized that the people that actually want to talk to me wouldn't mind if I didn't replied asap, it wasn't easy, at first I would apologise a thousand times if I took more than 5 minutes to reply even if I was very busy at the time. But that's pretty much it, your true friends will understand that you're busy or if you simply don't feel like replying in that moment.
Kornelius F.
I've spent a lot of time setting up expectations with my friends that they won't necessarily get a response from me quickly specifically so I can worry about that less, it is beginning to work
Shaneeya F.
I just know that i get to the text later and my friends would come back to respond, So i try not to worry much about it.