Do you disconnect later in the evening on weekends or do you hold on to the same time everyday in the week?

Douglas T.
No i don't have the time when i should disconnect, i do it when i feel i needed the most or when i have a chance its better to spend a hour with your family and friends then scrolling on instagram or Facebook. So i recommend to you just when you feel that sickness that you are bored put your phone down get off your laptop/computer and go for a walk, drink tea, visit a friend or a relative not only that you will feel better but the others around you too i think that this helped you with best whishes (and must say sorry for my grammar and spelling English is my second language) 😅
Gunda E.
I try and keep consistent. I have my phone set to automatically go to night time mode and restrict access to most apps at the same time every day, but I am more likely to override this at weekends!
Sheryl J.
When it comes to my Golden Triangle of morning, afternoon, and evening routines, I try to hold to my same schedule every day of the week. With the way my mind works, and my tendency to slide around during times of stress, having those three regular routines helps me keep my habits consistent. I'm gentle with myself though, because often with weekend socializing my routines can be delayed a bit. I just try to stick to them as closely as I can, especially when it comes to being mindful about browsing the net or social media without purpose. I will, though, keep work-related habits for Mon-Fri, and add some routines for relaxing, renewing, and enjoying life to my weekends!
Aynur O.
Disconnecten: doe ik nooit.
Gaan slapen: wanneer het me uitkomt en ik daar zin in heb. Ik heb geen vast slaappatroon, er zitten soms enkele uren tussen mijn bedtijd. Maar het tijdstip is wel elke keer veel te laat, de enige vorm van 'continuïteit' in mijn slaappatroon. Wat ik wil bereiken: een 'vast' slaappatroon. Maar vooral: vroeger opstaan en me niet meer altijd moe voelen.
Disconnecten zou ik veel vaker moeten doen. Afleiding van gsm weerstaan en me op een andere manier nuttig bezig houden.