How do you stop yourself from using your phone at night?

Soukhya U.
I simply put the phone aside and tell myself about what will happen if i use the phone before bedtime. I automatically visualise the next day with me having a disrupted sleep! This scares me, so I just throw the phone away 1 hour before bedtime and read book till I fall asleep..
Noah P.
Honestly I struggled from this too but basically just make sure that you have your alarms set weekly so you dont have to go on your phone and set them. Also try writing your night routine in a journal that way you aren’t on you phone.
Marie J.
Typically, I out my phone somewhere that's far from me. So if I'm in my room, I would put my phone in the living room on silent. Since people check their phones and use them cause of a notification they receive, it's better to put it on silent. This trick has helped me calm myself down and prevented me from using my phone for a good amount of time. I recommended to try this trick 1 week, and try to see if you're able to to control how much time u use it. I believe in you so much! I'm proud of how far you come! Keep it up! <3
Leah F.
I feel like that there is so much to do and by the time I'm done I feel so tired that once I get in bed I just fall right asleep
Harriet U.
You just have to convince yourself reasons that it’s not good to have it at night. For example, screen time before bed actually affects your sleeping.
Antoine O.
well for me it's really difficult to stop
i usually stop when I'm really really tired or when my mum tells me to do it
im trying to stop myself from using my phone but it doesn't seam easy.
i hope i helped a bit
Zeynep Q.
I don't even touch my phone because I know If ı do ı wont be able to let it go. I just check my whatsapp and maybe snappchat and that's it. Because its harder to stop scrolling when i click on instagram or tiktok. What i'm trying to say is just dont touch your phone when you get back home from work or school.
Duane N.
I am still working on that one myself. Reading, journaling and breathing are all better things to be doing but I myself am still trying to break the habit of using my phone at night.