I am a game addict. What should i do?

Tag G.
Most addictions are coping mechanisms for something unresolved in our lives. Is there a present situation or a past situation that somehow gaming is providing something that you feel you need?

For example, at work maybe you aren't respected but in the gaming community you are? Or perhaps you have family that is very needy or clingy. Games don't need you like that. When you play you can just be you.

Most addictions have a reasonable underlying cause but they get out of control. How has that happened to you?

Daniel V.
I think you should try making other things like reading or maybe cooking and always try to find something that disconets you from videogames, but first you must look for help, because dealing with an addiction is not easy at all. I hope it works, best wishes to you

Lindsay W.
There's nothing wrong with gaming as a hobby, but if it becomes an addiction and prevents you from doing things that you want to do, then action needs to be taken. When it comes to recreational activities, moderation is key. I enjoy gaming as well, but I also need to take care of myself and keep my full- time job. I usually use gaming as a reward for a good day's work, or for finishing a good workout. On the weekends, I may even spend most of the day gaming! However, if moderarion is ineffective and if the hobby is out of your control, then an addiction is something that can be helped with support from a licensed therapist or qualified support network.

Taylor E.
That's fine, we all have different taste in our hobbies but you should also take care of your health. Although playing games are good you should also be productive, you should also insert workouts and eating healthy foods, you should also read some books. Never forget to use anti-rad glasses your vision might get worse.

Billy Q.
Me too! I am addicted to the games I have on my phone. What I am trying to do is gradually reduce the time that I play games. I have an iPhone, so it allows you to allot time limits to categories of apps or individual apps themselves. I have added a time limit to the four games that I play the most and I reduce it a little every day. I also deleted all the games that I don’t play that often.

Hakey N.
I was actually talking with my therapist about addiction and right now video games are more seen as a compulsive behavior rather than an addiction which I think can be helpful for self-perception. I know it may seem drastic, but a therapist will probably be able to help you the most. Maybe you are in college and can get free counseling from your college. Or maybe you could get some ideas from only a few out of pocket sessions. From what I know, compulsive behaviors, cognitive behavioral therapy can help. I wish you the best! Our brains find ways of coping with life, so please don’t beat yourself up.