How long do you disconnect and at which part of the day

Denise F.
I disconnect for at least two hours a day. In the evening, I disconnect for at least one hour before bed. I disconnect by either turning my phone off or by putting it on airplane mode. I also turn off all other technology. That includes unplugging my WiFi. I leave technology off (or my phone on airplane mode) for at least one hour each morning too. The Fabulous app works on airplane mode!
Kelly P.
I aim for half an hour. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s a little less. I’ve included a bed time yoga moment in my disconnect routine and the yoga sessions range in length from 5 minutes to 35 (shout out to Yoga With Adriene!) so that’s a huge factor. Also, I read at least one chapter of a book before I go to sleep but you know how it is! Sometimes one chapter becomes seven.
Dwight U.
I start one hour before I expect to be in bed (physically getting in rather than when I expect to be asleep) and I spend the time doing something not related to the internet. For example reading, meditating, praying, crossword puzzle etc.
Sandra P.
I try and step away from my computer. I walk, I’ve been walking more since lockdown. I find being outside, or better yet, in the forest relaxes me. I don’t fit my anxiety triggers nearly as much during theses times.
Marike I.
I disconnect after supper, it just seems the best time after everything that had to be done, is dealt with. Nowadays I disconnect by playing with our puppy.
Elizabeth J.
I always disconnect at night a few hours before bed. That gives my eyes ample time to adjust and minimize as much blue light as possible in my environment. This all helps me sleep
Naveera N.
I try to disconnect 30 mins to one hour before I sleep. For example, if I plan on sleeping at nine, I will disconnect from social media at eight or eight thirty. This allows me to organize my thoughts and relax. Another note to consider , is that I try to have no WhatsApp, social media conversation or so after 7:45pm or 8:00. I make sure to stop myself from getting into any conversation after that timing. These are my ways of properly unplugging and getting a restful sleep.
Miranda X.
I disconnect after dinner. I eat dinner around 4, not that that really matters, but after then I have a routine set to distract me from my phone (do dishes, tidy up, set myself up for success tomorrow, or just go outside and breathe), then I do the bedtime stuff (wash face, brush teeth) and then I have a gratitude journal I fill out, and then I read a book until I am tired enough to go to sleep.
Gracy Z.
I get off of everything but this app (for my night routine) at 4pm till 7pm. At that point I will still not go onto social media but allow myself to check and answer messages and emails
Holly T.
I usually feel like I can't disconnect, but when I do find the opportunity to it's usually around 6-7pm and then I will keep it my phone in a different room for a few hours up until I go to bed around 11pm-12am and set my alarms for the evening. My phone also has a Do Not Disturb mode starting at 10pm that doesn't let notifications through and puts my phone in black and white to lessen strain on my eyes.
Dara N.
I try to disconnect at night before I go to bed and around 2:00pm. For 2:00pm I go outside I would recommend doing this!!
Elisa G.
Well I accidentally keep checking it off in the morning… But I usually set my phone where I can't easily reach it at 9 pm, turn off the TV, then I'll read for an hour. Reading for an hour lets me feel like I'm still doing what I want in a time frame that I want.
Tiffany O.
I would normally disconnect around bed time. 10pm is when I would meditate and be in darkness and quite no sound just quite. It helps relax my mind so I’m able to sleep at night.
Eddie Y.
I'm still in the process of learning to take some time to myself. I started to disconnect in the evenings for about an hour before I go to bed. This gives me enough time to relax and slowly switch off from a hectic day of work.
Tessa P.
Well this is a tough question because I myself don't do that very often and I downloaded the Fabulous app to also help me with that so I don't think I can really answer your question. I do try very often to disconnect myself and I just keep trying
Candy Z.
I am a live in care giver. I do not have any free time. I wake up early and start and I end my day with it. During the day I do not have a specific time. I just go when I can. My day starts at 9 am. Ends at 4 or 5 am. I am trying for a solid routine but it's impossible at this time
Bert F.
I like to take time down 30mins before I go to bed to calm down and so I can sleep and not get straight back into my phone again. I am also trying to lose a lot of weight and I need sleep to do that.
April Z.
I disconnect in the evening as part of preparing to sleep. I give myself at least an hour of no TV, no computer, and no social media or news. I find that I relax more when I disconnect, and I've rediscovered reading. I actually finish books again!
Benjamin G.
I disconnect at a pretty short time every afternoon when I'm doing some "offline things" I planned for the day like reading stuffs, writing and just playing with my dog.
Andrea Q.
I disconnect multiple times in my day to avoid fatigue. In this super-connected world we are living in, I find myself benefiting from a few breaks.

Break 1: start the morning without grabbing my phone first thing. I try to wait until after breakfast, right before I get to work.

Break 2: lunch. I try to walk away from all screens and take a full 1 hour break.

Break 3: 5pm. Have an evening without a screen. Maybe not the full evening. So like I might workout, have dinner then sit and watch a show.

Break 4: before bed. Shut down. Grab a book and unplug before sleep.

Shannon P.
I disconnect for the entire night until the morning. I'm working up to disconnecting until later in the morning, but for now I'm making small changes. After I finish my night time routines, I check off the unplug challenge. Then I give myself until 9:30. That gives me 45-60 minutes to read and get to sleep within enough time to get 8 hours of sleep.
Margaret T.
I usually disconnect for about two or three hours before bedtime to spend time with my family. We usually watch a show or just talk for a while. I really enjoy that time we have together.