Do you find it hard to disconnect when you have a routine on your phone to complete before bed? Then sometimes they send you a letter? What do you do? Do you read it and stay up a bit more looking at your phone?

Meghan U.
Oh yeah it can be hard to disconnect the phone.
I like to watch YouTube before bed, sometimes it helps me sleep. It started when I moved to Albuquerque after a break up. But whenever I am with my ex and can sleep next to him I am able to sleep without the phone.
Georgia U.
I am not too much in to routine…I mean, I don't obssess over it. It becomes normal to just go to bed when you are done with the day…sometimes I answer a message or two, but won't interfere with my bed time, at least…It also depends on the routine you might have…it changes for me from time to time…like now that I work at home.
I have to pay attention and be more mindful. Not sure, but I don't think I leave 1 hanging, so I guess I do stay up & complete this.
Maja W.
Yeah, I would if that happened to me. But people almost never text me, so the reason I would stay up is because people don’t text me that late.
Kristine Z.
If its very important like stuff related to work I usually answer it first and then go back to disconnecting. It is important to follow the routine but I believe that our work should not be compromised.
Ellie P.
Yes i do. I always have my phone near my bed because it's my alarm but I just try and read what the fabulous app says then I tick off the routine before I complete is so I can put the phone in do not disturbe mode and not look at it again til the morning
Stephen P.
It is pretty hard to not look at my phone when I have stuff to do on my it. But the way I do it is I put my screen brightness low and I hold the phone away from my face it kinda works but I get why it might be difficult to do.
Leo Z.
Since my routine includes reading a book and the libraries are shut down, my book is on my phone. I try to dim my screen as much as possible and that seems to help.
Richard Q.
Excellent question. Yes. It has happened to me. You will tend to complete the task, since you will feel you can manage it. It's a simple task of reading, why not? The problem is 1. Not being true to yourself. 2. Your recently relaxed brain, getting ready to rest, know is streamed with new information which may "stew" subconsciously.
Mattias F.
My first question would be, is it essential this routine has to be done just before you go to bed? If not, move the routine to an hour or two before bed and use it as your last task for the day before starting to wind down. If it is essential, I would suggest doing the task and leaving your phone away from your bed (in another room preferably), this will then help you avoid checking and replying again if you do get a response. Bed time is your time so if this isnt critical, you should be able to allow yourself to leave it til morning.
Asta A.
No, not really. It is just my lack of discipline sometimes that can get in the way. Some days I am more focused on a goal then others. I set up my evening routines earlier then when I'm actually supposed to go to bed so I am okay with it.
Angelo P.
Yes, I feel like I can look at screens longer before bed because I have to look at my phone before bed. Being that it is day 2, I’m trying to be light on myself. I am refraining from looking at social media and emails right before bed from now on (do my best!) and only will use it directly before bed to turn on a meditation, meditation music or my alarm. Giving this my best shot.
Mekale N.
Staying away from your phone during the evening is not just about disconnecting psychologically from your phone, you’re also increasing your blue light exposure. Been exposed to blue light in the evening even just for a short while, like when you read the letter, will negatively affect your ability to pull asleep significantly. Therefore, we need to change the routine in the evening so you’re not on your phone . Perhaps you can read your letter in the morning, or another time other than the evening?
Andre X.
Well… I mostly read the letter the day after. Not just because it would make me sleep earlier, but also, if you read the letter in the morning, you will have a better understanding of the whole concept of the letter. And those words will actually become your mindset