Is the timing good of me going to bed at 1 am? I am willing to go to bed early but still struggling for it. However, I will gradually go to sleep by 12 then slowly 11 pm. If there is any other way that I could push myself please let me know. Thanks

Safira Y.
Something to do is to not go on your device right when you are going to or planning to going to bed, it causes you to not want to go to sleep and just look at your devise screen. Something else that could help is have a good dinner and try to go to sleep later.
Denny E.
I have insomnia so I find it impossible to go to bed early but because of this, I find myself needing more relaxing time in the evenings than most. I think if you're an extremely busy person, trying to get an early sleep time is imperative but if you can conserve energy so to speak through a lot of leisure time, then you may not need a full 8 hours.
Angela P.
The timing of going to bed around 1am is not necessarily good, but can be okay if you are sleeping in to around 9am or later. I feel no need to push myself to do something that I want to accomplish because if I want it really bad, I’ll do it no matter what.
Livia Y.
Wake up early even though you would have slept late. This would make you tired and will help you to go to sleep early. Then you just have to make sure to sleep on time. Remove distractions. The main distracting thing for me is my laptop, so I have set up a timer on my laptop for it to turn off at 19:30 for me to wind down and go to sleep. Use an eye mask if it is not dark enough in your room.