How do you break the habit of watching TV in the evening ?

Rachel Z.
Firstly make a plan that you will not watch TV. Insted pick a book that you want to read or haven't finished. Set the book beside your bed to wait for the evening. When you get in bed leave your phone to another room and get rid of any other distractions. If there's something that really bothers you, just write about it in a notebook or talk about it to your partner or a friend before bed. You can also make a TO DO list for the next day if you have bunch of things to remember.
Nick C.
That’s a really good question and one which I struggle with myself! For me, I try to pick up a really good book or doing something creative instead and although sometimes the last thing you want to do after a long day is focus on something and not switch off with the TV, reading allows your imagination to run wild and to create your own ideas and story, it takes your mind off things and distracts you from day to day stuff. The best thing about not watching tv at night is that you don’t feel guilty when the programme you’re watching ends and you end up binge watching a whole series and being shattered the next day! It’s hard to do this but try to ask yourself: will I feel better in the morning for doing this? If your answer is no (as mine would because I’m grumpy when I’m tired haha) then try to focus on making your future self happy and I guarantee you’ll thank yourself in the morning. I hope this helped! Keep smiling 🙂
Sonia A.
Make sure that I watch my current programs before 7pm; figure out what activities I will do to unwind, such as reading, quick tidy up including the garbage and cat litter perhaps, check in and call friends and family.
Al Sia C.
i honestly really haven't, but to try and get better, i tend to play with my animals more, make a good dinner for my sister and i or i talk with friends more often to try and create a new routine.
Terra C.
Find an alternative that is just as, if not more, entertaining but less stimulating! Instead of watching Game of Thrones start reading the books. Instead of watching Project Runway try crocheting your own scarf. Using that time to indulge in yourself is also a great alternative! Put on some nature sounds and take time to massage your feet, paint your nails, or apply a leave in hair treatment before bed.
Johanne Y.
I broke it once by watching YouTube instead of TV. When a video ends, you have a stimuli to quit, whereas TV is running constantly, thus making it harder to stop for a moment.
Kristen Q.
I have to give myself something else to focus on. Make a list of to-dos helps me break other habits. It gives me something to focus on instead of the usual task I’d be doing, like sitting and watching tv.
Lisa T.
For myself personally I find things that need my attention. I usually will do some self care, such as home manicure/pedicure, skin care, intensive hair conditioning, journaling, etc. It's also a good time to get things ready for the next day, clothing I want to wear, set my coffee pot up, fix my lunch, etc.
Alan F.
Find something else more fulfilling to do instead and to understand the time it takes away from other ways to become a better person.
Valerie Z.
Take a long hot bath or shower and relax your mind. Think about all you accomplished this day and all you are grateful for. Know that this shower or bath is the beginning of your wind down for the night, and will prepare you for a good long night’s sleep, which is healing and rejuvenating. It’s gonna be a wonderful experience.
Amado F.
Go back to the root of the problem. Why am I doing this? Maybe it’s because you’ve been really stressed out at work and want to take your mind off of it. Maybe it’s because you feel really sad and think that some comedy might lighten up the atmosphere. Whatever it is, find it. The next thing you should do is look for the cue, routine, and reward. For example, if you are feeling sad, which is the cue. You decide to watch TV, which is the routine. The reward is that your mind is taken off the pressing thoughts you might have and you feel happy. The key thing now is to find a new cue routine and reward for your nightly ritual. This is what I recommend: First, turn off all devices and make sure they are on Do Not Disturb. Then, pick a relaxing habit you can do every night, such as reading a book, journaling, or meditating. Once you have done these things, turn off the light and go to sleep. Over time, your body will recognize you need to go to bed. You can also set up a reward program. If you don’t break your habit for 1 week, treat yourself to something: you deserve it! Remember, as a Fabulous user I am here to support you in whatever you do!
Laura U.
I find a book that is stimulating but not a difficult read. reading still entertains but without the blue light that is so bad. A good book is a great way to unwind and relax before going to sleep. Reading also makes us more tired so it will help us to sleep better.
Nicolas O.
Move this habit into reading book. To do that I have one tv in my house and I move it temporarily in a place where it was uncomfortable watching. At the same time I bought nice books and put them near the sofa
Meike X.
I don't have a TV but I tend to be on my phone or laptop watching YouTube videos or reading articles. I want to stop doing that after 22.00. This will cause me to sleep on time and read or do something else like yoga. So using this app to keep me on track.
Jan R.
As you just said it is a habit. Habits are created due to the repetition of a certain action over and over until our brains get habituated. To break a habit you need to stop doing it. At the beginning it will be very hard and you will have to fight the urge to really wanting to do your old habit. Substitute that habit for another one, it could be reading for example. A habit takes 90 days to be formed, and it takes about the same lenght of time to disappear. So persist!! Do it for 90 days and you will succeed!
Tag G.
Unplug the TV in the afternoon or in the morning before you leave for work. Choose a different place in your home as a reading nook. Put some things there that make you comfortable and peaceful. If you have others living with you make sure you have some headphones or earplugs that can block out extraneous noise. Early in the day, stack a few different things to read in your nook – fun reading and important reading. Then, when you would normally turn on the TV go to your nook and choose something to read. Set a timer and stay there for at least 45 minutes. It’s ok if you fall asleep for a few minutes. When you wake up, get a glass of water then sit down and start reading again. Avoid reading on your phone, tablet, or kindle the first week that you do this. Don’t even look up the meaning of words on the internet. Instead, keep a pen and small scrap of paper handy. When you feel the urge to look up something or put something on your phone, just write a reminder on the paper and do it when your time is done.
Ingride N.
eu não tenho tempo para ver televisão por isso quando o faço é mesmo para relaxar. Não é um hábito que tenha. Uso apenas quando estou mesmo muito cansada