How do u disconnect and unplug

Jorge X.
Set a sleep notification on your phone that mutes all notifications after 9pm or an hour before bedtime whichever is earlier. Stop using the phone and turn off the TV and read a book, have a bath/ shower and unwind. No electronic devices.
Da Weird Girl N.
Honestly find something you care about and love and if it’s not for you then it’s not for you but you always have to learn and try something new
Mia E.
Put your phone on the same place every night, for me that's a table in my living room. Set a time for yourself when you want to go to bed and start putting your phone away an hour before that time. Turn of your laptop/tv around the same time.
Then start with you evening routine, cleaning up your kitchen a bit, putting away dishes, clearing out the table. Brushing your teeth. Go around the house without being tempted to touch your phone.
I also like to read a little before I go to sleep.
H Lvio Q.
i put my phone away and start thinking of so many things u can say overthinking but i try to think of some positive thoughts and i unplug by talking to my family members sometimes but the most or the times i listen to music