Any creative ways of breaking phone addiction?

Alma Z.
I started to read more and rely on other music sources besides being on my phone, which is easy for me because if my taste of music is from video games. I also deleted all social media apps and only chose to look at them when I get home on the PC or via Goog Chrome. YouTube is my main bestfriend and you dont always need your phone for educational videos. So I wish you the best of luck. Also to add trying to slow down your thoughts of wanting and needing to hear from others or just checking in has to be trained to stop, write a daily diary log about how you wish to change and how it makes you feel, reading you one logs in different mindsets can help boost you up since at the end of it all you have to need self progress and change in order for others to see your glow.
Jakaya F.
to try finding a new hobby that you could use for entertainment instead of scrolling through your phone. ex: playing piano, painting, gardening
Oscar J.
Honestly, phone usage that helps you manage your to do list and keep track of your day is a good way to externalize information that you could lose track of without assistance! People like me, who have attention and memory issues (as well as time blindness) use their phones like a prosthetic device – there is no shame in using aids that improve your quality of life. On the flip side of the same coin, not all phone habits are ones that help us function. To kick the habits that get in your way, like playing games for too long, try rewarding yourself with a little celebration every time you close the app or put your phone down. Positive reinforcement will help you solidify better habits, without putting yourself down.
Laura Y.
Have your phone set on how much time you spend using different apps and then try to use the apps that take most of your time and decrease this time slowly and steady