I find it really hard to disconnect at night. Any tips?

Mark E.
I've found that by removing all chargers from my room and going up at least half an hour before I want to sleep makes it a lot easier. Also, think about leaving your phone in a different room during the evening or after a certain time. Most things will wait.
Calvin U.
I think yes because if you’ve got used to getting in bed and going on social media but now I can disconnect and I write things down to get it of my chest then through it away
Grace X.
Set a firm time to commit to being in bed with all screens turned off. Then, set a reminder 90 minutes before that time to give yourself a comfy 30 minutes to finish email, social media, & other random tech addictions. That last hour of the day can be for contemplative exercise, journaling, household chores, or evening hygiene and a good book in bed before lights out.
Nardos G.
Keep your phone atleast 2 meters away from your bed. That way when you go to bed it's to sleep rather than browse through Instagram half through the night.
Emily J.
Set an alarm and then put all electrical devices in a drawer away from your bed. Find something else you enjoy, like reading, and make sure that it’s kept near your bed.
Aubri F.
What about setting up an alarm 30-40 min before the time you must be sleeping? As soon as the alarm rings, just turn off or stop using the phone/ pc/ tv and get ready for bed: go brush your teeth, put on a comfy pijama, and go to bed. In your bedroom turn off all the light except for a dim lamp and with the time you have left just read a bit of your book even if it’s just 5 min.
Jacob E.
Once the goodnights have been texted, and none is likely to look for me, I just switch off the phone. If I'm tempted to browse something, I'll just postpone it to the morning after.
Arijit P.
I have a hard time with this as well. I have had some success with leaving the TV and entertainment device remote controls in my car in the parked outside or in my garage as well as leaving my iPad and personal entertainment devices in the car overnight and then trying to just simply read on my cell phone and switching over to audible. But in the end I need to stick with a routine I am creating and drinking water turning down the lights and making that into my evening ritual. Maybe calming tea also helps. Putting the kids to sleep helps but then I wake up in the late evening and have to start my ritual over again in the late evening.
Josefine P.
maybe you should just think about how much you damage your brain and eyes through the years, and imagine yourself as a parent that stays for the whole day in front of a screen? sadly that is already happening, and it hurts, but with little actions such as leaving your phone in the kitchen we can change this. what are you waiting for?
Kyle F.
It can if you turn of the Wi-Fi , star reading a book ir organize your time for the next Day.
Just focus on what you really Want, you can do enything.
Amanda G.
Plan for it. I find I can disconnect better when I have done all things I feel I need to earlier in the evening. If I feel myself stressing about missing something on social media I remind myself that it will still be there in the morning. And won't it be exciting to see it then.
Genesis L.
I know that if I don't put down my phone, I will stay on it all night. So I set up my "charging station" away from my bed. So I can put down my phone and go to sleep. Maybe I will read a bit, but it helps to disconnect.
Jason N.
I don’t know if I am very good at it myself. I want to just put my phone away but my brain won’t let me. I think if I took the advice of making my bedroom wholly device free that would be a good start. My wife likes the TV in the room herself.
Else R.
I can understand that. What helps me is I have my phone able to be in night limit mode. It puts most of my apps quiet and if you want to get into those apps you need to decide how many mins you want to ignore the limit. It really helps. But I have never been on my phone a lot at night. Hope this helps and good luck.
Simon G.
I start doing a night time ritual to remind my body that it’s time for rest and that things can wait until tomorrow. I turn off the tv, and start to make herbal tea. While that’s happening, I brush my teeth, wash my face etc. When the tea is ready I bring it next to my night stand. Then I have an impulse to bring my cell phone next to me so I can continue browsing but I deliberately put it on my charger on a table two steps away so I have to walk to it. I put my phone on charge, grab my tea and try to read something before going to sleep. Sometimes that doesn’t work and I find myself not being able to relaxed enough to read. I need the chatter in the background – so I try and use an app that tells a story to get ready for bed and just having background noise helps me fall asleep.
Judy F.
For me, I had to set my phone to automatically turn the sound off at 11 pm and not back on till 7 am, when I don’t have to think about it is easier
Jeppe P.
Disconnect from your phone and tv, have a bath, read a book or meditate. I listen to a sleep story that helps me to relax.
Rico N.
Actively get invoked in something else, realizing it’s going to be hard and accepting that. Sit through the difficulty and discomfort mindfully. Maybe focus on gratitude or something positive.
Carol S.
Get a good book to read. Two hours or one hour before going to sleep, switch off or put on silent every digital advice you have and read. Time will pass by without realization.
Amanda Q.
I find that knowing I am accountable to my checklist on this app really helps. It reminds me to be accountable to myself!! I give myself a little slack of course, but tell myself enough is enough when the time I have set for myself comes around. I can tell you it seems to get easier each night as long as I keep on repeating the habit each night.
Another thing that helps me is I have a sunrise alarm clock I got on Amazon that also has a count down night mode. When I hit that button the bright light turns on as well as the sound of trickling water. Slowly over 20 mins (or whatever time I have it set to) the light gets dimmer and dimmer until the time is up and it all turns off, light and sound. It really helps me ease in to the right mindset. Ever since starting this app and journey to better habits I have told myself that when I turn that sunset mode on, phone is done! Worked so far, hope it stays!
G N.
Disconnect earlier- 2+ hours. It'll get your brain ready to go without. Personally I'll have calming music + low lights on to get myself ready for lights out. I'll also do tasks that exhaust me later at night- logistical stuff for example.
Claire S.
Find even the most tiniest thing of all to look forward to in your life even if it’s hidden and you don’t see it try to find atleast something then maybe it won’t matter anymore whether you have the phone before bed or not , because all you will be thinking of at the moment is what your looking forward too in general even if it’s not all that exciting try to find something
Aisha P.
Try to avoid using your phone at night by setting up a clock in ur room to know the time without bringing up the excuse to use your phone.
Read a book for at least 20 minute to relax your mind nd loose connection with the phone light.
Krystyna Z.
It is surprisingly difficult, so don’t beat yourself up about finding it hard. One thing that’s helped me, is turning off my notifications on my phone, that way I can schedule time on my phone to reply to people and forget about it when I’m not using it!

If you’ve ever tried mindfulness that can help too, just be aware and observe what happens in your mind and body when the urge to check your phone or go on your pc arises, without actually following the urge.

If the problem isn’t about being distracted, but is about not being able to unplug in the first place, try setting an alarm, to warn you you have ten minutes left say, then you have to get everything done and wound up, before the next alarm ten minutes later, everything has to be turned off within ten seconds of the second alarm sound

Hope this helps in some way 🙂

Briana N.
Honestly I think one of the easiest ways to disconnect is to set a time to get away from all electronics at night. After this set time you should do something like ready book book, or color, or study maybe! You should always feel calm before bed.
Jim T.
Just turn of the notifications. Don't turn on any social media, radio or TV. Think about things during the day that we're good. Be present. Light a candle, breath and just give yourself a break from everything. You will feel so much better