How do you deal with the desire to check your phone before bed to make sure you’re ready for the next day?

Ashanty N.
Ik negeer het, niets is belangrijker dan mijn slaap. Dit heb ik mezelf aan moeten leren want stel je voor dat ik iets zou moeten missen. Maar wat mis ik? Social updates? Whatever, I need sleep to tackle the next day. Issa struggle
L A T.
Set the time limit with the apps you are always play before bed. If this still doesn't work, you can just turn off the phone when you're ready go to bed .
Desra N.
Thank you so much for your question. I do this at the least, an hour before getting into the shower. After organizing for my next day I make sure that my bedroom is darker, cooler, phone plugged in and set for do not disturb. Once I’ve gotten into the shower I use that time for meditation to quiet my mind rather than occupying with too many thoughts so that once I’m out of the shower and dressed I can get right into bed for restful sleep. Thank you for letting me share.