Why do I feel the need to check Facebook so much?

Nicolas Q.
I don’t really use Facebook that much I think I go on Instagram more. But I have set a limit so it alerts me if I’ve been on it more than 30mins in a day 🙂
Holly P.
We are all addicted to social media which is sometimes a waste of time it keeps us distracted from the real world it is kind of a drug in times like this first of all we are all bored and surfing instagram checking Twitter or facebook making lots of Tik Toks is the easiest way to spend the day second of all we are all stressed worried and tired of this mess and social media’s life is fake in a way and makes you live the life you dream about so checking social media every now and then is usual i even so it every five min 😂 but i was able to control that with getting distracted in every way i can working out taking lessons of my fav instrument reading organizing studying . So if you want to control that habit you can definitely do it you can quite it the same way you started it !