Does disconnect mean disconnect from your phone only, or does it include computer, TV, any visual devices?

Nichol Y.
To me Discinnect means to disconnect from ALL electronics meaning phone, TV, laptop, video games etc.. since we have. ome so technology dependent that we now need to force ourselves to step away from those things just to get fresh air amd connect with our friends and family
Kurt F.
It means any visual devices. I use it to prepare for bed and to limit the light exposure to my eyes, so any screens are off limits.
Elisabeth F.
It mwans diconnecting for all screens. No tv, no computer, no phone, no gaming devices. My kindle is fine, but that is it
Becca R.
Anything that has a screen emits blue light and can greatly effect your sleeping habits. Its best to try and avoid all screens for at the very least a half hour before bed but its better if its an hour before bed. I usually read or write in a journal with a cup of tea after doing my nightly routine to help wind down for the day.
Marina F.
Weeeeeeeeeell I wasn’t very “addicted” to my computer or my TV as I was in my phone and my social media either way. So I use my laptop to watch some movies and Tv not really because I don’t have time. So mostly my phone !
Marius P.
It is to disconnect from all visual devices. Artificial light makes it harder to relax and fall as sleep hence reducing that will ease one into sleep mode.
Diego N.
it means disconnecting from all devices. anything that distracts you or has a screen should be very far away from you. u need to feel calm and focused.
Ethra N.
To me it means disconnecting from all devices with internet and blue light, but I don’t count my kindle in, because it has no blue light and I online use the Internet connection to download a book, not to browse. Hope this helps
Josefin F.
At the moment it means both my phone and computer. I however have difficulty doing my evening routine on time so the time I disconnect is very close to my bedtime, which I want to change.
Madelyn Z.
Any electronic device which emits blue light. I just assume anything with a screen is included. I sometimes cheat a little bit and just turn on the blue light filter on my phone and use it to read. The point of disconnecting is to stay away from bluelight, so I'm still following the spirit of the rule. But this does include: phones, computers, televisions, portable gaming devices such as Nintendo switch, and even some digital clocks.
Maelya N.
Disconnect for me, means I don’t use phone ,TV, laptop or any electronic devices. It’s time for meditation, yoga, reading a book, colouring or crocheting.
Taylor N.
when I hear “disconnect,” I think of removing yourself from social media and access to any outside influence. I don’t hunk it means to take away entertainment completely, but rather secluded yourself for a mental health break. that’s my take on it anyways
David N.
I’d say anything that is connected to the network or provides any sort of visual aid would fall within the “disconnect” section. Any devices emitting blue light will excite your brain, which then might disrupt your sleeping pattern. I still listen to music/ sounds when disconnecting – I use google home as it’s very inexpensive and allows me to control everything with my voice – no blue light involved !
Eliza J.
At the moment for me it just means phone as that’s the starting point I’m aiming for. Eventually it will mean all devices.
Axelle W.
It means disconnecting from all technology devices all meaning tv and phones as well as computers. Disconnect from screens.
Cynthia N.
I would say all electronics is what it means. I unplug from the TV all day but still use my phone. Mainly for YouTube cuz of mediations and sound therapy. So I'm using it for helpful reasons, well mostly cuz you will get the occasional call/texts so that's the hard part to navigate. You can always start by turning off all of your electronics off a little bit earlier each night and ease into a disconnect/unplug till your comfortable going hours at a time
Xanna Y.
I would say that it means disconnect from any visual devices because they all impact you sleep regularity. For example: not having a TV in you bedroom would be a start and even putting your phone, laptop and any other devices in other rooms whilst you sleep helps you to stay disconnected and have some time to yourself.

I hope you found that helpful!

Kate T.
Disconnect means from every electronic. Its a time for reflection or casual down time such as reading, drawing etc. Anything that allows your mind to slow down and have a break from the day.
Kei X.
Every electronic devices . Try to spend your time on tidying up the room or planning tomorrow s schedule. Works well for me. Then you will realise how peaceful it is to get away from the bombardments.
Loreto E.
For me, it depends on the night. When I’m hitting my mark in exactly the way I want to, I eliminate it all. But when I need to soothe myself with videos or music that can help me disconnect from the loud noise in my head, then I only nix the phone because I engage with it more actively.
Audrey C.
I think it includes anything that emits bright blue light, as that signals to your brain that it’s daytime outside which in turn prolongs the release of melatonin. We should also be disconnecting from activities that excite us or overly stimulate us mentally!
Fox N.
I don’t know. The phone does the most “damage,” but I think that you should leave other devices too. Make an Electronic Prison for your phone and others – tablets, watches etc.