Is it better to leave your phone in silent when it’s time to disconnect and unplug? Emergencies happen and it’s worrying to for that thought to linger while one should be working…

Osohai E.
You can leave your phone in general mode but you can keep it a distant place from where you are, so that you can't take it in your hand without changing your position.
Diana E.
Despite experiencing a missed emergency when my partner tried calling me when our house burned down, I leave my phone on sleep mode. It definitely helps with minimizing distractions while trying to go to bed and allows me to fall asleep quicker. Not hearing my phone buzz takes my mind off of it so I’m not focused on just my phone. I set a time for sleep mode to go on (8:30pm) and for it to come off (6:00am).
Emily P.
the best is to automatically set the phone to turn off notifications during night (most phones can do this abd you can specify the start and ending time)
that means you will still get a call but nothing else and supposedly if it is an emergency soneone usually calls rather than texting, at least in Spain
Mary N.
Hello, if you are waiting for some important call, leave the phone on,‘otherwise just put if off and enjoy some minutes total utopia
Ruby S.
If its causing anxiety or worry, I say don't bother putting it on silent. It's OK to check in these emergencies, and after all, it's really about your own willpower to not check it when you know you don't need to. Use it like a challenge against yourself that you will not let yourself lose. 🙂
Basile Z.
Yes. I always have my phone on silent and especially when I'm going to bed I will even set my phone on don't disturb so I don't get any notifications.
Holly F.
I put mine on do not disturb mode. That way if it really is an emergency, that person can keep calling and they’ll be able to reach me on the second try.
Paula B.
I always have my notifications off. Yes, emergencies can happen, but there’s a way to still make sure you’re available for them without being distracted. Definitely block all social media notifications and even text notifications. But leave calling on. If it is enough of an emergency that’s the way they will contact you anyway. I hope this helps!
E Z.
You just have to ask yourself, if something happened, could I do something about it? Am I "on call" for whatever reason? Would they call me for an immediate solution or just to let me know?
That said, if you just can't switch off for a whole night of sleep/ morning of work there's always the option of blocking specific apps (like social media) while leaving calls and messages on, or leave your number open for calls only from specific numbers. You have to tailor electronic isolation to yout life, but -forgive me for saying so- with few exceptions we are not irreplaceable.
You know your life, nobody can judge how to set boundaries in it better than you.
Gina O.
I keep it only in vibration, if the caller insist more than 3 times I take a break and look, otherwise I ignore it until I’m finished
Kristen B.
I think it’s much better to leave my phone on do not disturb while I’m unwinding. If it’s an emergency, I can turn on permissions so certain people can get through. When I think of emergency, that requires me to deviate from my routine, I’m thinking people closest to me that I’d already give those permissions to. Typically a lot of things can wait until the following day. As long I set and maintain the boundary most people know whether or not they can reach me