How do I keep from checking my phone throughout the night? Any tips?

Thibaut P.
Put your phone In your outside reaching distance from the bed or don’t even put it in the bedroom! I started doing this two months ago and apart from some unease feelings the first 2 nights I sleep like a baby ever since!
Jiri O.
Place it outside your bedroom or the other side of the room. Put a block on that blocks apps at night. It's a really unhealthy habit that needs kicking!
Carl E.
Checking the phone can cause you to wake up before it’s time. I set two alarms. One at 5am and one at 6:30 when I need to get up. If I wake up and haven’t heard my first alarm, I know it’s still the middle of the night and that eases my mind so that I can drift back to sleep. One the first alarm goes off, I feel good knowing I have another 90 minutes to compete my. Sleep cycle of a full 8 hours.
Silje C.
I'd suggest you turn it off and put it in another room. Added benefit is that it might even help you get out off bed becouse of curiosity