What do you do if your unable to fall asleep?

Morgan I.
I have diagnosed insomnia and sometimes have to take medication for it, but only as a last ditch effort. I first meditate for abt 30 mins then try another. After that I decide I need to move a little so I'll walk to the kitchen or smth, then meditate again. Only then after trying for abt 2 hrs will I go take my medicine. You can also try melatonin but talk to your doctor first.
Tyler P.
When I have trouble falling asleep I reach for my phone. I'll often stay away from bed to avoid turning it into a media area. This does not help. The effect is a feedback loop of me staring into my phone and not going to bed. Before I know it it is 6 AM.
Silke U.
Excerise to wear yourself out, watch relaxing youtube videos, or just cover yourself in warm blankets to be warm so you’re more relaxed and comfortable. Also drinking tea before bed sometimes works.