How do you disconnect from the perceived intense connections and relationships with others?

Ella G.
Think living in my own time. Their time is not my time. Think whether we are growing positive relationships. The long lasting relationship needs to feed like a plant or harvest. Think "Is it worth to do that person, ignoring my priority"?
Fathimath Z.
Its not quite easy . But it can be done! You need to cut all the toxic relationship which may destroy your life . So first of all u need to find out the people who are nor good for u – those people who are actually jealous of u but acts like they are happy for u r progress -CUT THEM FIRST
2) those people who just waste time and r not productive -they will not allow u also to be productuve .
Now how to cut them out of u r life :-
IGNORE thats all
Mayb u r the prson who talks with them for 4 hrs
Cut it into 20 mins …and day by day reduce it and Wooo u r out…
Anyway nobody cares !
Now disconnecting from internt thats a big deaaaalll…..
You need to have goals which are bigger than thsese silly time wasting things. You need to focus and go do for u r goals cause remember even if there was noone to motivate you , there are so many to laugh on you after u fail.
Hope it hepled.
Aina A.
i only charge the phone once a day & tend to use it until the battery died. so, at night, the battery will surely be low and it'll die 1hour before my bed time. that's how i disconnect my self from it, makesure to only charge once a day.
Kieren F.
Honestly, I don't really have deep connections. I fall so deeply into my work and career that I've lost all friends. I've only just started getting back with family… I'm working toward middle ground somewhere. Not sure how but I've started small. When I think of a family member I send them a message straight away… Maybe try the same in reverse.. once things get too heavy, give yourself some disconnected alone time.