How long before you go to sleep you put your phone away?

Frederikke W.
I would love to put my phone down an hour before bed to really disconnect. But right now it's not really an option. I mean I should totally disconnect but I am reaching remotely during this COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers were not prepared and I find myself using all my free time to dedicate to my plans and feedback for my high schoolers. So in reality, 5-10 mins before I go to bed for now.
Minnie O.
About 15-30 minutes I usually try to put my phone away, but sometimes I am on my phone and then immediately go to sleep.
Gereon F.
Between 15-45 mins depending on whether my boyfriend messages me. My phone is also by my bed stand or sometimes on my bed. Perhaps I can do without it being right by my bed?
Jacque X.
Not soo enough. I go to bed with my phone; scrolling and searching. For what I don’t know; then feel bad that I wasted that time not sleeping or reading or meditating instead.
Don’t take your phone to bed!
Alyssa Q.
Depends on the day. I try to put it away and watch some tv to calm down. But most of the time that fails and I keep being on my phone for way too long.