What do you do during your disconnect time? Do you switch things up or do you do the same things?

Mathumitha I.
I continue whatever task I have at hand but if I finish the task before the timer ends, I usually check my to-do list for pending work.
Poppy N.
There are two types of people. You can choose to switch things up or the other type of people who like to do the same things. You can also relax
Andrea T.
Most times when I need to disconnect I just stop doing what I usually do and try to do something else, something that has nothing to do with screens
Isabella Z.
During my disconnect time I switched up the things. I do some art, play calming music, read a book or take a shower. I love doing my skincare before bed šŸ’—āœØļøšŸ—Æ
Alma P.
I do things differently every day. I read for somedays and other days I meditate. I personally recommend you try something different everyday. It helps build more self control and it's a good way to make you feel more confident in what you do. Goodluck! I believe in you! šŸ™‚
Dion Sia Q.
Try to get myself busy and do a lot of house work, which actually pays off because when it's clean you are more calm(in my case). Or sometimes I like listening to calm nature sounds while reading. Now that's what I call disconnected from the world. Only you and your characters. šŸŽ­
Albana N.
I usually read a book on a subject Iā€™m studying. If I get bored I switch the book up. The best time to study is right before sleeping because sleep helps reinforce that information
Henrikke G.
I mostly do the same thing. I prepare breakfast and lunch for the next day, pack my gym bag and do my nightly routine, including skin routine. If I am not too tired I listen to an audio book or a sleep meditation
Britney I.
I usually lay down in bed and turn on meditation music. Then I turn my phone off, laying it beside my bed, and I just simply listen to the music and relax. At that point I eventually succumb to sleeping, completely relaxed.
Hilde E.
I write down my daily/monthly goals, journal about my future vison and who I desire to become, read, workout/play basketball outside with friends, meditate and spend time with family.
Isabel O.
Obviously with anything there will be things you enjoy more in your free time but i like to switch it up to have more excitement or just a change in general. Although i will have a main activity that i do most nights.
Riana Y.
My disconnect time includes nightly meditations. I usually drift right off to sleep. I say nightly prayers that highlight how grateful I am. My nights are not the same. Some nights feel very similar to most but I'm usually going with the flow instead of a super strict routine.
Diane O.
That is when I've been reading. I have many,many physical books. I have been using my disconnect time for reading. Some days it's been only one chapter. But many days it can be several hours that I end up reading. I turned off my television several months ago because I was becoming a walking TV guide, and revolving my time around what was on. When I turned it off I then picked my books back up. I enjoy reading so much more than I like watching television. I find that using my imagination is so much more entertaining.
Abbie Janna E.
I do what i love, sometimes i draw or paint, sometimes i read or write in my journal… sometimes i do nothing but think and reflect on happy thoughts…

I hope this was helpful

Zeel Z.
Read, journal, or similar usually, while getting cozy with a blanket, some candles, soft lighting, and maybe some sleepytime tea
Tony C.
Normally during my disconnect time I turn off the Wi-fi so I don't get notifications. That way I can do my night routine without distractions.
Keilani F.
Usually, I disconnect from my phone 20-30 minutes before I go to bed to help relax my mind. What I Ik like to do is turn on my noise machine and listen to the ocean sound while writing in my journal or writing my own music that I like to make. Then I get ready for bed and go to sleep.
Alec E.
I like to sit and listen to music, or I like to sit and read a book. I also enjoy playing my alto sax when I need to get anger out. Disconnecting from the outside world and into music helps my mind to concentrate on the smaller tasks through out the rest of the day because I took that time for myself.