How can you kick the sleeping with TV as background noise habit?

Orlando Q.
My husband and I keep either the humidifier or a fan going beside our bed. We still get the noise without the light and distraction of the tv
No Lie Z.
Use a white noise machine (or app on your phone instead) if that’s too quiet start with a slower-paced podcast or only mildly interesting audiobook instead.
Katie J.
Make sure you go to bed only when you feel tired. Lying there waiting to feel tired will cut the connection in you brain between your bed and sleeping. Find something else to do until you are tired, such as reading or playing an instrument. No screens allowed!
Louis W.
Playing ambient music instead of TV should help. Switch off all the lights in the room even the electronics that produce blue lights. This should enable a good sleep.
Nathaniel C.
Just remove it from your bedroom. And start reading before sleep, or, if you don't like silence, use music colomns, or headphones to listen sounds of neture, or asmr sounds