Good tips to disconnect earlier at night?

Marissa T.
I started keeping a small stack of activity books, notebooks and writing prompts, and some coloring pages I ripped out from different coloring books under my bed. I also keep a small pencil bag of some colored pencils, markers, etc. on top of the stack or nearby. At night I put a cup of water by my bed and make sure my pj’s are on, teeth brushed and my face is clean. By doing that I have everything I want/need right by me for disconnecting at night.
Before disconnecting, I look through the stack and choose what I want to do that night. If needed I quickly look up inspiration for what I plan to do, then launch the “Fabulous Moment” and type a quick sentence or two about my plans in the prompt box. Then I lock my phone and disconnect!

Jan J.
Reading a book takes your mind somewhere else before you sleep. When your mind is more active maybe a Suduko to dissipate some brain energy, or prep a list (even on line shopping) before sleeping , helps puts your mind somewhere else, allowing it to rest.

Ketica N.
Put your phone away, far away as possible, and focus on yourself and your family, spend time with them, thinking how life is beautiful and not thinking about youre phone bc it is not important at the moment, just go to bed and fall asleep without electronics, 😁good luck