How can I change my habits to be a morning person?

Judy O.
Prepare everything the night before but the water next to u as soon as u wake up drink put music and get going make breakfast while you dance get ready as you sing look in the mirror and smile say that you love yourself and that’s it

Johan Z.
Keep your getting up time constant throughout the week. The natural rhythms of the body don’t cope well with big long lie ins at the weekend: it’s like giving yourself jet lag every weekend. Aim to get up no more than an hour / hour and a half later at the weekend.

Walter W.
The first habits to change are those leading up to an earlier bedtime. I've spent some time figuring out the barriers and distractions for bedtime. It was much easier when I had a little one at home because I'd go to my room and read when he went to bed. The event routines are important

Filippa Z.
You can work with your Circadian rhythm to go to sleep at an early enough time that you naturally rise early refreshed and energetic.

Kunibert W.
The biggest thing is to make them attainable. If I add something to my list that I find is unattainable I remove it until I am confident I am ready for the challenge

Rebecca O.
Setting things out the night before really helps me. Literally as much as you can, like everything you need laid out in a path.
I also tell myself, omce I have done my "getting ready" I can relax on ythe couch. I am never as tired a I was when I first got up and it keeps me from hitting that snooze button too many times and ending up starting the day in a panic.

Larry P.
Starting slow. Waking up earlier and staying up throughout the day (or at least having a verrrry short nap) will encourage you to fall asleep earlier, which will in turn make you wake up earlier. It usually takes a week or two to become a morning person. A big part of it is “early to bed early to rise” and another is making sure you’re not waking up with the attitude “I’m not a morning person”. Manifest your own reality.

All that said, even for the natural morning people, being a morning person is hard in the wonter! Lol

Lea U.
Go to bed earlier. Have a night time routine so that you sleep well and get plenty of rest (and, if possible, prep for the following day!). Set your alarm. Don’t snooze (it will only make you sleepier). Get up and stretch. Drink a class of water. Take your time to wake up. Do something you enjoy first thing in the morning, and set your intentions for the day. Make yourself a hearty breakfast. Breathe and practice positivity about the day ahead of you

Graciele Z.
If you are the type that sleeps late you need to change that cause it increases the chance of you waking up early, so you have to start sleeping early and try to keep your phone away from you and keep your eyes away from your phone screen overexposing to that light can give you trouble sleeping.
Drink a glass of water every time you wake up in the morning