How do you disconnect at the end of the day?

Մարիամ Հովհաննիսյան N.
I usually either have a book or buy one. I read the book, make a new list of things I should do the next day. Sometimes I even do extra study to keep me away from social media and my phone in general

Ted X.
I actually really struggle with this, but recently I have been trying to create a nice sensory environment for myself in the evening. Things like candles, colourful lights, galaxy projector, etc. are nice for visuals. I don't stop using my phone or computer as that doesn't work for me, but I do try to do something calming, like listen to music, read, or play a puzzle game.

Rima E.
An hour before sleep, I set the alarm, charge my phone, take a shower, then read for 30 minutes. (don't forget to stop charging 🤓)