How can you be indifferent about all the things happening around the world and do not check the news daily?

Lea G.
By focusing on yourself. Limiting time on social media. And doing things you like to do because @ the end of the day that don’t got nothing to do with you.

Skye B.
I don’t dwell on stuff anymore I used to be anxious and over think things which some times led to panic attacks but I learnt to not

Zaria P.
I could be aware and change my midset which offers a new perspective for myself and others. It could help me change my habits positively.

Colleen P.
Check it, but don't dwell on it. I tend to agree. It's not as if the world stops. Being part of the world is part of human depth. But just seeing the news without participating isn't useful. Pick a time to check it. Then pick a time to work. And a time to participate.

Veronica P.
You don't have to know what's needed to be done to contribute something good to the world. Always do what you think is beneficial for your well-being ('coz you're part of the world) and to the world itself 🤍

Unisha W.
No I don't see any news because I feel so sad if I look any news or any bad news of because it gives me anxious and if I feel scared if I watch it in the morning and I will be sad all the day so I don't look any news and I don't know about the country what was happening because I don't look any news

Harper F.
I keep myself extremely busy with school and club soccer, and I focus on maintaining good grades. With things like homework, chores and practice to keep me occupied I don’t have very much downtime to just check the news. Setting goals to keep off of technology is very helpful because that’s where majority of information about the world can be seen, and I know that limiting my screen time for social media and other entertainment is key.

A B.
It isn’t being indifferent, that is easy to do. It is being able to recognize things you can change. They may be little things like saying please or thank you, or not judging a cranky person on 2 minute interaction (example the check out clerk). They could also be big things like donating time to reliefs causes. With doing all that no mater what you do or don’t do you have to balance in accordance to your beliefs and your energy.

Aurelia P.
I think indifference is the wrong word. But the sense of feeling overwhelmed by checking the news daily can become a lot. And it can also be addicting to always need to know what is going on with the world.
I think being informed is still important, but try to focus more on local news – things that you can get involved in and participate in. Being able to see things in person and not as an abstract idea that's very removed from our selves

Michael N.
Indifferent is not the goal. Loving detachment is. We can exist with empathy and compassion without taking on every pain in the world. Rest is resistance. Doomscrolling only hurts us, those who want to help. Instead be a helper. Go do. Focus on the change you can make. Be the change – to yourself, your loves, and your community. Let it flow outward and congratulate yourself for getting involved in making the world a better place.

Joshua F.
I don't find it right to be totally indifferent about world as we are part of it and it's not practically possible also. I think we need to be connected to world to know what's wrong is happening so that we can play our part in atleast reducing it because we have some responsibility towards the world if we live in it. We can't be ignorant about it, if we close our eyes it doesn't makes the wrong things go away….. So I think we shouldn't try to cut away from world, face the problems and the world….try to solve some issues in the world by gaining some power to do so, work hard, we can't run away from hardships…..