How should I disconnect & unplug when I use phone/watch as an alarm?

Ben T.
I usually put my phone on silent and put it in another room the alarm works when on silent. I also think a watch is still better than a phone as the bright light from a phone check can keep you awake.
Jane O.
What I usually do is about half an hour before bed I set all my alarms for the next day and find some relaxing music to play. If you have Apple Music there’s a playlist called Bedtime Beats that’s really nice or you can use the music that plays in the Fabulous moment. Then I put my phone down until the next morning, do my evening routine and fall asleep to whatever is playing.
Ilona F.
I also use my phone alarm, actually i used the alarm “the fabulous” from this app to wake up and do my morning routine. What i do when going to bed is to put my phone on airplane mode and away from my bed, that way it’s like the phone isn’t there. When the alarm goes off the next day, i have to get out of bed and walk to turn it off, so there’s no time to stay in bed thinking about how hard your day is going to be. 🙂